Have a Colorful Summer Time with YOT!

I believe, everyone of us has this fantasy of sulking to the beautiful beach of Brazil, where everyone looks so fit wearing those colorful summer outfits that just right for the season. But, as the DOT slogan says, It's More Fun in the Philippines", that Brazil fantasy of ours can now be enjoyed in our own land, in our own beautiful land - and simply by having one of the hottest summer piece that will add color to summer time - Your Own Time watches!

Your Own Time, more popularly known as YOT, is unmistakably Brazil’s next biggest fashion export after head-turning models and colorful flip flops. As the name suggests, YOT perfectly complements your own sense of style anytime. It uniquely fuses the science of producing high quality timepieces with distinct character to make it your very own must-have accessory. 

And last week, as these beautiful pieces came ashore our beautiful tropical land, YOT added a more Pinoy style to its brand by presenting five of the country's hottest teen stars that is set to make the YOT craze. Led by MYX VJ Robi Domingo, the cast of the now called YOT Barkada is composed of the hottest love team of their generation, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, together with the dance floor heartthrob Rayver Cruz and the rising leading lady of her time, Julia Montes.
YOT Barkada

Matching the colorful lifestyle of these teen start, YOT boasts its unique design starting with its interchangeable cases, dials, straps, and bezels, allowing every owner to create different look that suit to one's style. It has a myriad of eye-catching colors, graphic designs and textures that suits the palette of your wardrobe. From flashy hues, frosted tones to bold prints, YOT is designed to stand out in all occasions.

Beyond the exclusive designs that is sure to be loved by young ones, YOT watches have these meticulous details that have become the YOT standards. Every YOT timepiece has high-precision Citizen movements, and is water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. While, the straps that I find really nice, are made of flexible yet durable materials, which provides softness on contact with the skin. YOT watches also give you a choice between the classic analog watches and high-tech LED watches, perfect to add more flashy style to your look.

Kathryn Bernardo                              Julia Montes

The best part of this, YOT watches are covered by a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Daniel Padilla                                    Robi Domingo

YOT is brought to us by Brazil's Magnum Group, the largest watch production company in Latin America, turning over 5 million watches very year. Its headquarters in Sao Paulo oversees YOT’s national and international markets, along with company branches strategically located all throughout Brazil. Aside from YOT, the Magnum group is also Brazil’s exclusive distributor and representative of other acclaimed watch brands. Magnum Group’s Asian hub is located in Hong Kong.

Rayver Cruz

Adding more color and life to your everyday style, not just this summer but all-year round, YOT watches will mark the start of a more fun and exciting trend that will match to your outfit and the occasion you are going to. So, yeah, with four additional set for you to mix and match in every purchase of this cool watches, gone are the boring days that you have to push really hard your outfit just to match your accessories.

YOT wrist watch is now available in wide range of colors and styles at Trinoma and Robinsons Magnolia, with more stores soon to open. The suggested retail price for every box of YOT is Php3,900.00!

So, what are you waiting for? Add color to your life - to your summer! It's time to experience Your Own Time! Happy summer, everyone!!!

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