Big Savings at The Big Sale!

I guess there's nothing more fun and more perfect than spending your money on things that you love while getting them on great deals! And earlier, at SM Southmall, I am more than happy to buy the things, not for me, but for my cute little niece that she could use as she continues to grow up being so cute and sweet from The Big Sale!

I am really planning to be at SM Southmall on the first two hours of The Big Sale to avail of the extra discount, but due to some cutesy stuff that my niece was doing while I'm being her "yaya" in the morning, I ended up  leaving home around noon time and making me reach Las Pinas area at around 2 p.m., but nonetheless, I still managed to buy something that I think was a great deal.

Okay, when I arrived in SM Southmall, that big SALE standee welcomes me making feel itchy that I want to buy all the things that are on sale. But of course, I don't have enough money to do that, so I checked first the whole mall and made sure that I'll be spending my hard-earned money on something I want. 

Two of the most best things about SM Malls' sale are there's really a wide array of selection and when they say that they are on sale - THEY ARE REALLY ON SALE.

From men's, women's, kids' down to home appliances and furniture, it was an orgasmic sale that will make wish you sweat money - even coins! Hahaha!

I'm actually planning to buy some summer stuff for my upcoming Boracay trip, BUT when I reached the section where the cute and really pretty dresses of new born babies are, oh, God, my plan broke loose and I ended up buying not just one but more pretty little dresses for my niece. Hahaha!

And not just that, since she still need a lot of things, I also ended up buying her a pretty little crib fit for her advance development. Imagine, at a month old, she can already lay on her belly while she's sleeping! Hahaha! KIDS! Lol.

Anyways, back to shopping, other wonderful stuff that I saw while loitering around the mall that I think needs your attention if your planning to do some home makeover was these beauties from Our Home! Those vibrant colored pieces will look great for your summer-ish ambiance, don't you think? Just make sure that you accessorize your place with plants and frames to make it look modern and nature-ish. :)

It took me some three hours going in and around the mall, and when my tummy made me feel its presence, I finally took that last piece that I can call mine before checking out. Yeah, I was only able to buy myself a pair of undies just to say to myself that I bought something from this fun Big Sale. Hahaha!

I had a quick snack in their Food Court, where I saw this Merienda Meal at a very affordable price, nice noh? And after that, I finally bid goodbye to this place that I consider now a happy land in the south. How I wish I have more money on my next "sale" visit, SM Southmall! Hihih!

Guys, the sale is up until Sunday, so you still have a lot of time to avail of their cool items!
Thank you, SM Southmall!

Happy baby to us, and happy summer to everyone! :-)

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