Antony Morato PH Launch: You are Invited!

Every man deserves something that will make him feel good and look good.  And these things are recognized, and being taken cared of now by three young Italian brothers who will be launching their brand that emanates the true meaning of "value of price" - Antony Morato.

Since its initial establishment in Italy back in 2007, the three young Italian brothers Lello, Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli developed the brand Antony Morato that quickly penetrates the international markets on a retail and wholesale level. The company has garnered a loyal following of customers and is now one of the world's top Italian menswear brands.

And this month, as this world renowned brand finally hits the Philippine shore, one spectacular opening night is about take place at HYVE in W Global Center, Taguig City this March 21st at 9 p.m.

If you wanna get an invitation to this exclusive night if men's fashion, here's what you got to do!

(click on the picture to read it clearly)

Remember, tweet "I want to go to the @AntonyMoratoPH VIP launch with @_AlexDizon because _________ .

Robby Carmona will be the own who will unveil Antony Morato here in the Philippines, so, if you love fashion or fashion show like I do, you shouldn't miss this night!

See you all there!

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