Official Press Statement from SKYcable

I know that there are a lot of you who are faithful and loyal to SKYcable, that's why I'm sharing to all of you this "official statement" from the company that you've been trusting for years. Our friends from SKYCable sent this to me, and I think this might enlighten you regarding some questions you have in mind from the problems you've been experiencing on your TV signal.

According to our friend from SKYcable, after exploring various options to resolve the problem cause by SKYcable's recent system upgrade, they are so glad to inform everyone that the signal issues experienced by some Metro Manila subscribers was finally resolved a day after Valentine's Day, which is February 15 , 2013.

Every subscriber is expected to enjoy their viewing pleasure starting that day, specially on channels 12 (GMA), 13 (Shop TV), 21 (SKY Preview Channel), and 163 (ABN), experienced by some DigiBox subscribers in Metro Manila.

But if you are still experiencing some interruptions, I suggest that you give them a call at (632) 381-0000 or visit their website at!

Happy watching, everyone!

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