My Makati Valentine Affair

Who says singles like me cannot enjoy a lovely day like Valentine's Day? Well, not here in Makati! The city that make it happen, Valentine's Day was celebrated in its highly-urbanized district the more fun way, a way that can be enjoyed by singles, couples and those people in between, and they called it Love Is In The Air.

Defying the gravity, Makati showcased a timely dance routines that exemplified love is indeed in the air in this side of town, making the hearts of some of the audience skip a bit - just a bit, believe me. Performances from Iya Villania and Power Dance made the hearts of the audience excited, consoled, and in love as their numbers transitioned from acrobatic aerial dance to pop, acoustic, witty, and Broadway love songs. 

Set against sentimental ballads and the Ayala Triangle Gardens as backdrop, this highlight of the night, this poetry-in-motion spectacle was a sight to behold and honestly made me adore Iya even more. She moves like a ninja, making that life-threatening number more enjoyable than scary.

Meanwhile, Isabel de Leon, who happens to be someone that I'm clueless who she is, showed the veracity of the pop culture as she serenaded the audience with her own vocal styling of pop love. Her voice was good, tolerable, if in I case you keep on asking me, but I believe some of the audience last night would agree to me that she tends to be a little scary when she makes face while singing. I just hope that she kept on reminding herself that it was Valentine's Day concert, so she could have avoided such scary make-faces. Hehe.

Vincent Bueno, the Australian idol, on the other hand, joined Isabel after some solo numbers and gave the crowd a heart-racing experience of an aerial guitar duel that had the two artists flying through the air. Though, there wasn't much "kilig" to the number, I enjoyed their rendition of Way Back In To Love. :-)

Good job, guys!

After those love team-ish numbers from Isabel and Vincent, Isabella Gonzales, daughter of Kuh Ledesma stole everyone's attention and heart through her numbers that kinda reminds us of her mom while she was singing. Her outfit, her gestures, and her smile, sooooo Kuh Ledesma, thankfully, she managed to give us her own touch of singing prowess the moment she opens her mouth to sing.

Oh, she's so great like her mom! Brava! Definitely, if not the best, one of the best parts of the show.

But the one the really made the crowd, mostly girls, gone wild, was when the guys of Philippine Volcanoes stole the spotlight and do their on kinky treat for Valentine's. Hahaha!

They say sense of humor is one of the secrets to a lasting relationship. Love is in the Air concert emphasized this as ladies swooned after hunks Chris Everingham, Eric Tai and Andrew Wolff appeared on stage adding flair and fun to this romantic night. 

I wasn't able to finish the whole concert, but I'd say, it was a nice break from work to somehow feel the romantic flair of the season proving that Love Is In The Air!

This Valentin'e affair was made possible by Ayala Land, Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida, Amaia, Ayala Malls, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Business Mirror, and Canon.

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Happy Valentine's Day, suckers! Hahaha!

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