Life Wear: UNIQLO's Spring/Summer 2013

This coming spring and summer, UNIQLO opens up the vibrant and playful season with something close to every human's heart. With every smile, gaze and adventure that we take on this season, UNIQLO made sure that we are wearing ourselves - our life. Hence, they dubbed their latest collection Life Wear.

A collection of heart-warming and lovely pieces, Life Wear was first seen during the fashion of UNIQLO in Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill, Taguig. And with a theme nothing but pure happiness and a little bit of flirting, I breath of the exciting summer season through their collections sure to fit every fun-loving Filipino's taste.

I was there to savor the first dibs of this exciting collection, and here are some of the pieces that they shared to us during the fashion show. From AIRism, Cabbages and Roses, Creative Filmmakers UT, Disney-Pixar UT, Men's and Women's bottoms, Men's and Women's Steteco and Relaco, Star Wars UT,  Women's Dress Collection, Womenswear Celia Birtwell, Womenswear GreenGate to Womenswear Karen Walker, what more could you ask for? Just... enjoy! :-P

Brand ambassador Iza Calzado and UNIQLO's Chief Operating Officer Katsumi Kubota were also there to share the fun and excitement of this upcoming for UNIQLO.

All I can say is, I'm excited to have some of those pieces! ever since I owned UNIQLO, I just can't stop loving the brand! :-)

See you this summer, UNIQLO!

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