Hewlett-Packard gives Thanks!

The 2012 has been a fruitful year for Hewlett-Packard (HP) and to its advocacy that its pushing, that's why this 2013, they are starting the year right by giving thanks first to the people who made all of their campaigns possible and within the reach of many people who believes in the power of Hewlett-Packard.

Last January 30, together with a number of people from print, TV, radio and online media, I was invited to a luxurious and truly gratifying day by HP at Tagaytay Highlands in Tagaytay City to celebrate their glorious year of 2012. And with higher hopes this new year, HP promises a more exciting and advantageous year for us to the millions of people who believe in their products.

Guided by their printers' 3 principles, Affordability, Reliability and Quality, at this start of the year, HP already introduces 7 of their best printers that give the most affordable, the most reliable and high-quality kind that the modern Filipino needs.

Right after the sumptuous lunch that they prepared for us at the Marbella Function Room of Tagaytay Highlands, the HP Team quickly discussed to us the amazing features of their latest collection. From making our lives easier through HP Deskjets wireless connection to impressive results that they could give to each user, there's no doubt, that this day with HP is all about relaxation and gratifying.

And aside of those, HP Team was also proud to share to us that HP Deskjets comes with the "Go Green" functions, not only saving our money and time, but as well as our environment.

No wonder they chose this place for this amazing treat for us!

The team would have wanted to chat more, but since they promise to give us the best thank you gift that they could give to us, they bid good bye to each of us as they led us to our  spa session.

It was indeed one calming day that I'm really thankful that I was tagged along. Blogging and having a full time job is not easy, but I guess by having a HP Deskjet at home, it could somehow put me at ease, especially when it comes to printing my niece's beautiful pictures!

Thank you, Hewlett-Packard! May you receive more blessing this year to be able to help more kids who are eager to learn in remote places of this forsaken country!

Happy New Year!

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