The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Launch!

Samsung Philippines is happy to announce that this year MINI is in! And with the launch of the miniature version of their well-applauded  and in-demand Samsung GALAXY SIII, I guess, no one is in position to doubt the capability of this Mini giant!

Last January 23, at the posh URBN Bar and Kitchen, Samsung Philippines hosted a debate between the country's top DJs to know the pulse of the people regarding some issues that concerns sizes, with the main question - DOES SIZE MATTER?

Divided into two groups, for Team "YES", were King DJ Logan of Wave 89.1, Tin Gamboa of Magic 89.9 and DJ Jason of Wave 891. And for Team "NO", were Dani Castano of Wave 891, Aaron Atayde of Magic 89.9 and Karen Bordador of RX 93.1.

The debate was refereed by DJ Sam YG of Magic 89.9. He was also the host of the whole program, making the night one naughty but fun gathering.

 DJ Sam YG

Btw, upon entering the venue, we were asked too if size does matter to us... And, ehem, knowing myself too well, I said yes! Hahaha! After saying that, they gave us this placard that carries the letters Y-E-S! We were asked to stick to our answer and cheered for our team during the debate, and sure I did! Haha!

I was able to have a chance to explore the newest baby of Samsung - Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini, and boy, it fits well on my hand! I', eyeing for the black one, but the white one looks really nice on my hand too. I never had a white phone, so, yeah, how I wish that my first ever white phone would be this on! Hehe.

The Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini shares the core essence and same philosophy that Samsung has for its GALAXY line that is, “designed for humans.”  It also boasts an organic design inspired by nature, which provides the perfect grip and ergonomic handling.  It also comes with a nature-themed user interface and sounds that match its outer design.

With a sleek design, it doesn't limit its function as users enjoy movies, photos and web browsing in crystal clear display even in the brightest environment with its 4.0” WVGA Super-AMOLED display.

Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini is also equipped with a dual-core processor, for users to enjoy seamlessly the Pop-up Play function, which allows users to do two things at once effortlessly. Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini is running on the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean that provides super smooth graphics and transitions as well as access to the new Google services, like Google Now.

It also has the same intelligent features like its mother, the Samsung GALAXY S III, which are Smart Stay, Smart Alert and Direct call, as well as the Ch@tON, which enables you to advanced messaging service of Samsung.The GALAXY S III Mini comes in four colors; Marble White, Pebble Blue, Garnet Red and Titanium Gray.

Paolo Soriano

Paolo Soriano, Samsung Category Head for Smartphones shared that the Samsung GALAXY S III Mini is retailed at Php14,990.00, and is available in the nearest Samsung Store. But for those, who wants a tied-up postpaid plan,  the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, according to him, will be offered free through Globe’s exclusive customizable plans: Globe My Super Plan 999 which comes with P900 Consumable, 50MB data and two call and text freebies* which you can change monthly. 

Subscribers may also opt for the unlimited data version through the Globe My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 999 which comes with Unlimited Data and one call and text freebie* which you can also change monthly.

* Freebies include (A) 10-minute calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM, (B) 5-minute calls and 25 SMS to other networks, (C) 20-minute IDD and 10 iSMS to 10 destinations and (D) unlimited calls and texts to 1 Globe/TM number.

So, there, if size does matter to you, well, head now to the nearest Samsung Store or Globe Center and avail of this amazing smartphone, but is size doesn't matter, well, still get this phone, it is so great! Hahaha!

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