REVIEW: The Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK

As of this time, I'm earless - and by earless, I mean I have no any headset or any headphone to use. My iPod headset just broke some 4 months ago, and the replacement of that, which is a Monster headset, just broke again last week. I guess, there's really no long-lasting anymore?

No wonder, Philips, with its recent innovation on sound system and accessory brought to the market their by far best gadget accessory that can outlast, withstand and endure any condition through The Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK. And a few weeks ago, just before my beloved Monster headset broke, I got to experience the solid deep bass sound of this heavenly thing.

The first thing that attracts me about the Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is its stylish and sophisticated color. Perfect for both man and woman who prefers the stylish and clean finish of black an red colors, Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is a certain head-turner anytime, anywhere.

The weight of Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is kinda justifiable, though a little heavy, I can guaranty you a wonderful listening experience from its 40mm drivers. I know some of us doesn't like heavy headsets, and for some Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is so heavy, but take in considerations its capability to endure extreme conditions - believe me it just doesn't look durable, it also feels like one, for real!

I was able to test its ultra flexible TR90 headband that can withstand bends, stretches and twists without deforming or breaking, and yeah, its so fucking awesome! Its cable is just as tough and is also tangle-free. When I got use this item, I seriously never had a problem with its cable, something that is very unusual to a cranky, just-put-them-all-inside-the-bag me, another reason why I felt so at home with it quickly.

The headphone’s drivers are also protected with metal rings around the earcan and employ engineered safe release cans that allow it to weather hard impacts. While the ear cushions and headband are soft and thick enough for isolation giving an enjoyable comfort. At some point, I felt that those earcans become so hot, probably because of my overuse or body temperature, so I'm suggesting that you use this thing a little moderately too.

But the best part of this whole Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is no matter where I pan my head, and no matter what I do, the quality is at its best! Even my poor sounding music file played in a very soothing way that I never experienced in other headsets I had before.

If only I could afford this Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK, I will definitely buy myself one because I'm sure that I will never regret any single centavo that I'll be spending on this!

Wanna know the price? Well, it's US$127.99 or roughly Php8000.00. 

So, what you think? I think I want one ASAP! ^_*

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