Converse Flagship Store Opens in the New Glorietta

I think there's nothing for exciting for a shoe-lover like me than attending the opening of latest new store of its favorite sneakers brand. And yes,  even though I don't want to brag about it, I was at the opening of Converse flagship store in the New Glorietta!

For the free-spirited youth or any creative individual who makes his silent but unrestrained statement with his choice of footwear, no other brand comes close to Converse when it comes to declaring one’s passion for life and the irreverent rockstar attitude of a never-say-die character. And just a few days ago, Converse opened it flagship store in the Philippines, which is located at the second level of the New Glorietta Ayala Mall in Makati City.

A brand new retail experience that exudes the nostalgic ambiance of the places where musicians, sports enthusiasts and artistic individuals create, live and play - the court, the street, backstage, and the studio - Converse New Glorietta, is occupying a sprawling 275 square meters area, the flagship store is the largest Converse shop in the Philippines to date. 

Converse New Glorietta houses a wide array of our beloved Converse shoes, bags and apparels that range from the well-loved Chuck Taylors, Jack Purcells, Cons and John Varvatos. I love!!!!

And on its opening day, the store was flocked by known TV personalities who believes in the saying "Shoes are boring, wear sneakers."

From the local bands, 6cyclemind and Callalily, to teen-heartthrobs Gab Valenciano, Khalil Ramos and Ejay Falcon, to the cute tweens and little stars like Joshua Dionisio, Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat, and to fashion icons like Tessa Prieto-Valdez, the stores got a stunning positive review that is sure to invite more fans of this well-respected brand.

And with that, I can't wait to back to purchase some of the interesting items that caught my eye - and I must say, I'l so excited to make that purchase! :-)

So, for you who can't wait to see this store too,  you can visit or Follow them on Facebook, Converse Philippines.

Congratulation, Converse Philippines!

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