O+ and Bench Mash-up!

Nothing more exciting for a guy like me to see two of my favorite things in life come together. And this time, I know that it isn't just me that gets excited about it, but as well as the millions of their fans all over that world that's been looking up to their product and the innovativeness. It's the O+ and Bench mash-up, baby!

Last week, as the country officially and fully welcomes a new brand of gadget that will make every techie Pinoy's nerve so excited, O+ USA launched an astonishing and exciting show with one of the country's leading retail brand, Bench, at the newly reopened Glorietta 1 Activity Center.

Showcasing O+'s unique features that are not yet available on other gadget brands, Bench tied up with them in one all-star cast fashion show featuring  the country's top and in demand young fashion stylish.

But before that, every media personality and blogger invited to the show were the first one who got a glimpse and somehow a closer look at these gadgets. With the astonishing "swipe" feature of O+ gadgets, everyone had a great time saying "Hello to adventure" with O+ Android phone.

The also presented their latest endorser that made us so kilig that day... Yes, I have a crush on him! Hahaha! Joseph Marco!!! So cute! Haha!

Joseph is so happy to inform all of us that day to be a part of the O+ family. He said that just like O+, he's always delighted to say hello to adventure! And since he is one of the in-demand artist-endorser now, Joseph Marco also served as one of the judges of the much-awaited styling competition.

Together with the country's respected names in the fashion industry like Toffe De Venecia, JC Buendia, Liza Elarde-Cuenca, Phoemela Barranda, Randy Ortiz, Vince Uy and JJ San Juan, the show starts with a bang!

Stylists Edlene Cabral, Macky Combe, Adrianne Concepcion, Myrrh Lao To, Kate Paras and Sidney Yap take use of the Bench clothes and apparel with O+ gadget as their inspiration. And these are what they've got:

Edlene Cabral

Macky Combe

Adrianne Concepcion

Myrrh Lao To

Kate Paras

Sidney Yap

Only three of them got to take home the amazing prize and they are Edlene Cabral and Adrianne Concepcion as runner-up, while Sidney Yap took home the grand prize!

To all the stylist, staff and crew of Bench and O+ USA, congratulations and mabuhay!
As for Joseph Marco, see you around, crush! Hahaha!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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