Fun and Young Christmas with SM Kids!

If there's one thing that really excites me about Christmas is that seeing my little nieces dress something that so hip, and young and pretty. And this time, since I'm feeling so generous, I did their Christmas shopping. And oh, boy, did I say it was more tiring than shopping with my lady friends? Hahaha!

Last week, together with two of my nieces, Nicole and Nickaella, we ransacked the Department Store of SM North EDSA to buy them their "pamaskos", - something that Filipinos, like us, do as the Yuletide cheers come. 

I honestly have a strategy on how I am going to assist the girls, but to my surprise, the guy who'll be paying their clothes and shoes turned out be their chaperon! My strategy failed and all I did (obliged to do, actually) was to just follow them, check on the price and carry the things that they like. I did try some haggling with them on some items because some were just too price-y, and thank goodness, they were understandable enough.

If there's a lesson I learned from this shopping experience, it would be don't mess with little girls when it comes to cartoon characters - I messed with Cinderella and Snow White a lot of times, and because of my stupidity, I got some eyerolls and laugh. Hahaha! 

Another thing that I learned from this experience was PINK is always the color! Need to say more? Hahah! Little Girls, cute but soooo maarte when it comes to pink clothes! Hahaha!

And lastly, shoes are really all the girl's thing! No matter how cheap or expensive they are, as long as it is beautiful in their eyes, they are every girl's apple of the eye!

So, for you who are planning to do your little girls Christmas shopping, here are some ideas from SM Kids that might help you!

While, here are some for the boys...

I hope these SM Kids ideas could still help those who haven't done their kids' Christmas shopping!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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