Be Sweet and Healthy with Splenda this Christmas!

At a very young age, we were already told on what’s good and what’s bad; what’s beautiful and what’s ugly; and what’s real and what’s fake. But one thing that doesn’t need teaching - tastes – what’s delicious and what’s not. But of course, when we are kid, all that’s delicious to us is good and all that’s bitter is bad.

As we grow old, our sense of taste develops; hence eating a lot becomes our next problem. From gaining weight to really getting out of hand, all of a sudden we are like Santa Claus from one Christmas to another.

Scary, right? 

A study says that one factor why we gain weight is having too much sweet in our meals – yes, rice has sugar in it too! And the only way to start losing weight is to avoid them and some alternatives. But just like what I always say, IT’S HARD TO LIVE A LIFE WITH NO SUGAR!

Good thing, there’s Splenda now available in Philippine market. A no-calorie sweetener that can be used as part of a healthy diet to reduce the calories and carbohydrate from sugar that you consume, Splenda is a good alternative to your sugar intake. May it be to your daily cup of coffee or to the dish that you are cooking, especially this Christmas, Splenda is a harmless ingredient ready to provide you the right amount of sweetness that you need to keep you Holidays happy and healthy.

Splenda does not cause weight gain - rather it can help decrease caloric intake when used in place of sugar. The use of no-calorie sweeteners to help decrease caloric intake, along with regular physical activity, may help with weight management. Splenda is a great way to help reduce calorie, carbohydrate, and sugar intake - without sacrificing taste.

This Christmas, there’s no more reason to avoid sweets because with Splenda in your hand, expect a healthier and sweet Holidays for you and your love one!

Don’t forget to share this Yuletide season, okay?
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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