A Disappointing Christmas Shopping at SM San Lazaro

Since it was just yesterday that I've got my 13th month pay from my very generous company, I don't have any other choice but to do my Christmas shopping today. From buying gifts for my godsons and goddaughters, to buying some stuff from the grocery for our noche buena, all of that I've done in one day at SM San Lazaro.

SM San Lazaro is the nearest mall from home. Just like their song says, they've got it all for you, which means us, and no doubt about it, they really have everything there - that's why I went there today to do all of those stuff that I mentioned.

I spent three tiring hours picking gifts for my godsons and goddaughters, and though I was lucky that I didn't have to fall in line to the cashier that long, my world turned upside down when I went to their Gift Wrapping Section and met this "supaldo" staff. 

I guess he's already tired when I got there, which I fully understand, it's already past 6 in the evening, and with three customers there, including me, I know that there's a little pressure to him. He was all alone there so I didn't bug him, I waited in line patiently just like any regular customers, because, hey, it's a free gift wrap. I bought 15 different stuff for my 15 godsons and goddaughters, so I'm aware that it'll take a moment to wrapped it all.

Upon receiving my bought items, he told me to just return at around 11:30 p.m. In my mind, I would say "Are yous serious?", but since again this a free gift wrapping section, I politely said "Okay."

I still have a grocery to do and some personal shopping too, so I really didn't bother. I went around the mall first in the hopes of buying something for myself, but I ended up just buying place mats for our dining table. Hahaha!

After going up and down and round and round the mall, I find myself walking towards the Supermarket. Upon entrance I was shocked to see that there were NO YELLOW PUSH CARTS AVAILABLE! What the effff? Where did they go? I'll tell you later. 

Good thing there were blue baskets with mini carts on the side of the Supermarket, so instead of looking for the missing push carts, I just let myself be contented with those little carts. Though, I must say that the one that I've got was hard to maneuver. 

I finished my grocery thing after two hours - yeah, so haba the oras, right? I wasn't able to buy hotdogs and chicken lollipops, because they ran out of stocks already, but I didn't waited in line again to the cashier because there weren't a lot of shoppers by that time. Whopee!

When I asked the cashier where can I leave my 6-bag groceries, she said that I could just leave it at the package counter in the Supermarket, but when I got there, I was told to bring it up at the car park area outside where a package counter for 6 or more bags is located.

So, I went up to the ground floor to find that Package Counter, and to my surprise, it was really outside the mall. I was annoyed because I have to go out of the mall and go in again to continue my shopping. And knowing how some of the guards of SM are annoying, I'm really not happy of leaving my stuff outside. What if rains, right? Ugh! Just stupid, I think.

And oh, yeah, the push carts where all outside the mall, and no Supermarket staff bothered to bring them all down. I don't why, but I do hope someone will man those carts to bring them back inside - IN THE SUPERMARKET WHERE THEY BELONG!

Anyway, after that grocery thing, it was already 9 p.m., so I had my dinner first before continuing my Christmas shopping. After I enjoyed my dinner an idea popped out of my mind, "Maybe my Christmas gifts are already wrapped?"

So after I had some good rest, I went back to the Department Store to check if my gifts are ready, and an hour and a half earlier, they were all there sitting beautifully. Happiness!

I was really happy that I was able to accomplished all of the things that I need. Though, there are still some things to buy, I know that it'll be easier by that time.

When I got home and had time to put up my feet, I decided to place the gift cards to my gifts after. Most of the gifts that I bought have the same size, so the only option that I have is to reopen some of it to know which is which. It was easy, because the gifts were wrapped too simple. But my heart broke, when I saw this.



Ipilit daw ba ang regalo mapakasya lang sa gift wrapper? Kung alam ko lang na magiging ganito ang mga hitsura ng regalo ko, eh paking shet, ako na lang sana ang nagbalot!!!

Nakakabuwiset! Ang sarap sipain! Pasalamat ka at hindi ko nakuha ang name mo, Mr. Gift Wrapper, dahil sisguraduhin kong papalitan mo lahat ng nasirang regalo!

Three of the watch gifts that I bought were wrapped the same way.
I'm so fucking pissed and very, very disappointed as of this moment. THESE ARE FOR KIDS!!!!

I will never EVER have any of my gifts wrapped again in your lousy mall!
If this is what I get from being a loyal customer, thanks but no thanks, I guess I have to find a better mall! And no thank you for the free gift wrap! Buwiset!



John Bueno said...

Two words.... Rustan's Makati

Yan ang matagal ko nang ginagawa :)

Ruth dela Cruz said...

Really not your day Alex.. Im sorry to read the story.

Natawa ako - nagtagalog sa sobrang bwiset :D

Send a feedback the next time you visit SM San Lazaro :D