United Nations Day at SM City Baguio!

I know this post is a little bit late, but still, let me share to you one of the cutest thing I've experienced at SM City Baguio on my visit there last month. Boys and girls, it's United Nations Day at SM City Baguio!

Attended by almost a hundred of kids from the different parts of the City of Pines last October 24, the Events Center of SM City Baguio was filled by cute little kids ages 5 to 12 for SM City Baguio's United Nations Day Celebration. Geared up to promote each country's culture and heritage, these kids, together with their mom and dad, paraded around the mall promoting peaceful union among the UN countries.

As for me, I waited excitedly at the event's place where a stage was prepared for the guests to have a closer look at the participants. It was like I am back in high school the moment these kids came into my view wearing their unique and colorful costumes. I was very active in United Nations Day celebration is our high school back then, and being one of the presidents of Social Studies classes, one of my tasks was to have our class' muse to be crowned as Miss United Nations. Thankfully, through the help of my supportive classmates, we always made it to the top! Hahaha!

Going back, this United Nations Day celebration is actually a friendly competition of costumes for kids, where they were divided into two groups - boys and girls.

Some really put their best foot forward, while some just enjoyed the moment of wearing costume for this peaceful celebration. It was such a cute event, really! Some were a little shy, while some were really taking the friendly competition professionally. It was like a mini beauty contest but cuter! Hahaha!

I do have my personal favorites, but of all of them were just cute that day, so I didn't said which one is my top fave. LOL

Parallel to this event was an exhibit made for big boys naman. With toys on display, ranging from robots, planes, trucks and many more, one can have a glimpse of these collection, all prepared to the guests of SM City Baguio.

I wasn't able to finish the whole United Nations Day program, but I'm sure that the kids and the their parents had a great afternoon at SM City Baguio like me.

Thank you, SM City Baguio!
Keep the love and unity!

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