Christmas Like No Other at CrossWinds Resort Suites

Last weekend, after having a super, duper, mega hectic week in the office and at home, I and two of my office pals, Rio and Danica, headed down south to get a breath of fresh air from our busy lives and let the spirit of Christmas flows through our veins. Hey! It's let's than a month before Christmas and we celebrated it in a Swiss way! Crosswinds Resort Suites that is! Wee!

Nestled at the very quiet and peaceful property of CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resorts, a Vista Land Company, is a Swiss-inspired subdivision called CrossWinds. Designed to give a unique Holiday experience that are sure to be love by a group of friends who wants some relaxing break from their crazy life, LIKE US, or by a family who just wants to spend some cozy bonding time together, this place was our last weekends hideout and made us feel like a child again who just love the Christmas season!

CrossWinds Resort Suites is the one that gave our sanity back after that toxic week, and with one goal that weekend - RELAX - my friends and I had a "Christmas Like No Other" experience at this very tranquil and splendid place. It was very ambitious for us to try this place, really, but believe it or not, a stay here is quite affordable - and I must say WORTH EVERY PESO.

Coming from Manila to this part of the country is really easy, especially if you have your own car. But don't fret if you don't have your own vehicle, because that weekend my friends and I braved to take a public bus going to Tagaytay and then just take a tricycle to reach Crosswinds. We really felt how poor we were when we reached the gates of the subdivision in our cute tricycle service from Olivarez, Tagaytay, but hey, for the fun and experience of letting you know that this hotel, which is managed by Hospitality International, Inc. (HII), welcomes people who just want a break from their busy life no matter how rich or not-so-rich you are, here goes our story.

Upon reaching the gate, the guards asked our names to check with the hotel, which is housed at the far end of this blooming community. After some confirmation, a service from the hotel picked us up from the gate to bring us to the hotel.

At first, we were planning to just walk from the gate to the hotel, but after realizing how tiring it'll be, we were thankful that the hotel offered to pick us up at the gate for free. If you are driving your own car, it'll take some 5-7 minutes of uphill and downhill climb. I'm actually suggesting that have your own car when you plan to check out this place, but then, if you don't have car like us again, it's not bad to commute at all. Actually, it's more fun! :-) Hehe.

While driving to the hotel, upon seeing the houses inside the community, I already sensed why it is called "Swiss Luxury Resort." Everything was lavishly constructed, even the lawns and the pine trees that welcomed us to the place. Our hotel, which has this "condo-hotel" approach looks like a doll house and it was stunningly placed at the top of the hill, ready to give its guests a great view of the WHOLE lot.

According to the driver that picked us up, most of the houses there are vacation houses of some rich people, which I'm pretty sure they are because although there are quite a lot of Swiss-inspired houses around, I've only seen a few of the owners living at it. There were still a lot of vacant spots around the area and some ongoing construction at some parts, so by just looking at those, I know that the community is growing.

So, okay, after checking in and getting a nice room at the third floor of the CrossWinds Resort Suites, we relaxed for a bit and then prepared something to eat.

When you stay here in  CrossWinds Resort Suites,  it is a good idea that you brought in the food that you wanna eat. Since they still don't have a fully functional dining place here, the only dish that they can serve to you is breakfast. Or better yet, have you ingredients prepared and cook here. That's what I do!

That day, since the girls haven't tasted it yet, I cooked the only dish that I know how to cook - Carbonara. And I'm glad they enjoyed and loved it! Hahaha! Pwede na daw akong mag-asawa! LOL.

After having a hearty afternoon meal and as the sun starts to set, we decided to play a game. And what's more fun and exciting than a dress-up game a.k.a camwhoring! Hahaha! Akala nyo Bring Me noh?! LOL

Good thing we brought some spare clothes for this vacation, so after we fill ourselves with my *ehem* delicious carbonara, we fixed ourselves and readied for a stroll around the  CrossWinds Resort Suites with our best looks.

With my tripod and our pretty faces, we enjoyed the whole lot of CrossWinds like there are no other guests, strutting like some Anne Curtis or Tyra Banks. Hahaha! Actually, there were only a few guests that weekend, so yeah, it felt like the whole place was really ours. Hahaha!

Who do you think looks best? Hahaha! :-P

Walking in our shoes, uphill and downhill, was a torture but it was a fun. We get to see some of the houses there up close, and boy, how I wish I'm really rich! The houses were all but the LOVE!

It was already dark when we reached the one and only convenience store inside the property, and after buying some snacks and drinks, we headed back to our room to catch Carmina and Zoren's No Other Wedding show. (Now, you know where I got my blog title.) Hahaha!

In all fairness to the one and only convenience store inside the property, the price was really fair - Ministop price fair. So if ever you forgot to bring something - toiletries, drinks, snacks and etc. - no need to worry, because the store is open til 1 a.m. and at a very affordable price.

As for the Carmina and Zoren's wedding, well, the two girls were so kilig and CRYING as Carmina walked down the aisle and finally said I do to Zoren. Hahaha! Girls!!!! LOL

As for me, I spent some wonderful time shooting other stars - stars in the sky. :-) And I'm so happy with my photos. ^_^

We finally called it a night after some more laughs and eating. Btw, I also cooked dinner, but since the girls I'm with were so matakaw that night, (their bodies were liars), I wasn't able to take a picture of my buttered chicken with white rice and mushroom soup. :-P

The following day was a bright sunny Sunday morning. I had a breathtaking view of the horizon  AGAIN and it was such a relaxing sight to see. While the two girls had the free breakfast at the resort's dining area, I fixed my ham and cheese sandwich and enjoyed a cup of coffee while looking at this view.

The Cafe

Our dress-up/camwhoring game continues after our breakfast, but this time we had the Christmas theme. Since it feels a lot like Christmas all over CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort, I guess it is just rightful to have our "future Christmas cards" taken here, because seriously, everything here is really wonderful - like Christmas!

We had a great time enjoying the wind and the sun while strolling and taking pictures of ourselves on the streets of CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort. The pine trees were also glimmering that morning that's why we didn't miss the chance of having photographed with them. Hahaha!

One of the must-visit areas inside the property is their Santa's House. It is literally a Swiss-inspired house built to give joy to all the visitors and home owners. The house is designed with a lot of Christmas trinkets such as life size Santa's sleigh and reindeer, and a house full of toys. 

This Santa's House brought us back to our childhood, but as the sign says "For Kids Only", we politely just asked the guard there that we'll just take pictures inside and promise not to play a thing. LOL.

The all-smile guard allowed us naman, and he even happily shared some info about the place. Sweet! Our Santa that morning, actually! Hahaha!

The clock ticks fast when you are really enjoying, so after some tremendous picture taking here and there at Santa's House, we decided to leave the place and headed back to our hotel room to ready ourselves for check out.

I honestly do not want to leave yet. How I really wish that I have enough money to stay here longer - and that I don't have a work to think about and just enjoy the peaceful life here. But I have to go back to Manila to earn money and share Christmas among my godsons and goddaughters, I know they are expecting great gifts from me this year. Hehe.

On our way out, our very nice service driver took us first around the other side of the property where the nice swimming pool is located. We were not really ready to dip into those cold pools on a cold Tagaytay weather, so I guess we still have a lot of reasons to go back here.

Rio, Danica, maybe summer next year? Hehe.

The Christmas Store was our last stop here at CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort where we were able to buy some souvenirs at a very affordable price.

To be honest, until now I cannot believe that the prices on this very luxurious resort are that affordable. We were able to buy some Christmas items for Php25.00, something that wowed us more! Would you believe that? Hahaha!

As expected, it was one relaxing and fun weekend for the three of us. We were energized by the spirit of Christmas that CrossWinds Swiss Luxury Resort has shared to us, and we were overwhelmed by the kind of accommodation that they showed to us by  CrossWinds Resort Suites.

So, if you are looking for a nice hotel where you, your family or friends can enjoy some quiet Holidays, I highly recommend that you try  CrossWinds Resort Suites  But if our pictures excite you that much, well, they have this promo til the end of November, so BOOK NOW! Hahaha!

For Studio Room - the one that we had - the published rate is Php6,000.00. But if you book for this Friday, it will only cost you Php5,000.00. For the One-Bedroom Suite, the published rate is Php8,000.00 but if you book for this Friday, the price is down to Php6,500.00. For the Two-Bedroom Suite, the published rate is Php10,000, but if you book for this Friday, the rate is down to Php7,800.00. There's also a Three-Bedroom Suite, but it is not included in the promo and its published rate is Php15,000.00

Please note that the rooms depend on their availability - juts like in any other hotels, right? :-P

I'm just not sure if they'll be extending their promo, so if you wanna ask them, feel free to visit their website at or give them a call at (02) 856-9601. They also have a Facebook fan page, so for those of you who are on Facebook, just type in Crosswinds Resorts Suites and on Twitter at @CrosswindsRS.

Enjoy and feel a peaceful Holidays at  CrossWinds Resort Suites!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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