Watch & Share: Mikey Bustos' 500th Youtube Video!

Last night, I was invited to party with one of the Youtube superstars. The guy that made us realize how rich our culture as how, sometimes, we sound so funny - Mikey Bustos. From his famous Youtube videos Filipino Accent Tutorial, Filipino Dining Tutorial"Pinoy This Way" and Traditional Filipino Courting Tutorial comes another hilarious and self-realization Youtube video that is gonna be a sure-fire laugh trip - Filipino Social Media Tutorial.

But before you watch this latest video from our favorite Filipino-Canadian comedian, let me share to you first what took place last night.

Okay, the gathering last night was just really small and really private. With only 10 guests invited to watch this new video from Mikey before the whole world does, we were treated to that typical warm Filipino accommodation from Mikey and his team - Mr. Tony Ahn and Miss Alma Cala.

Since, Mikey is so popular now, here and abroad, I'm not really expecting him to be nice and soooooo approachable, but the moment I stepped inside the room where we'll have this "premier night", I was really surprised that the guy was soooooo fucking cool! Ooops, sorry for the F word, but yeah, he was so nice, though still a little shy at times, but really approachable! (something that some of our local artists should learn!) Unbelievable!

So, the night went so well that each of us had a really fun night. It took some minutes before we saw the new video, but IT WAS ALL WORTH THE WAIT! The accent, the funny antics, the characters that made this video a kick-ass fun and lastly the topic - just in time!

And so, without further ado, here's the latest funny Youtube video from Mikey Bustos!

In 5....4....3....2....1.... ENJOY!

So, now that you enjoyed this 500th video from our favorite Mikey Bustos, don't you find him sexy?! Hahahaha!

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Congrats, Mikey, Tony and Alma! May you have 500 million more videos, Mikey! Hahaha!

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