UNIQSTYLE: The Search for UNIQLO's No. 1 Fashinosita

If you have this affection towards UNIQLO garments that is just undeniably crazy, well, maybe you are the one they are looking for! Just be uniquely stylish, and who knows, when UNIQLO opens its second store in the country at SM North EDSA, you could be their No. 1 Fashionista alongside their four brand ambassadors Nikki Gil, Chris Tiu, Chito Miranda Jr. and Iza Calzado.

As UNIQLO counts down the days to the opening of its second store, they launched an exciting and very fashionable contest that will ask all fashionistas the land to ransack the UNIQLO caravan closet - UNIQSTYLE!

Open to ALL FASHIONISTAS, to join on this online contest, simply LIKE the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page, access the application UNIQSTYLE, then click ALLOW to enable it. Fill in the required details and UPLOAD your entry with a corresponding caption. It's that easy! For voters, just "LIKE" the UNIQLO Philippines Fan Page, provide personal details and get started by clicking VOTE. Voters can vote as many time every after 8 hours.

If you wanna catch the UNIQSTYLE Truck, which a truck load of UNIQLO garments, all you have to do is be at the scheduled time of UNIQSTYLE Search Truck. It will roam around Quezon City from October 13 to November 8 and it will be carrying UNIQLO piece for all aspiring participants to wear the best Fall/Winter ensemble that they could have. These street fashionistas can immediately upload their photos right inside the UNIQSTYLE Truck.

While for those mall goers, from October 20 to November 04, SM North EDSA fashionistas can drop by at the UNIQLO hoarding wall where they can vote their favorite UNIQSTYLE using the available iPads stationed at the area.

Uploaders or photo senders can win as much as Php32,000 worth of UNIQLO shopping spree, and as much as 15 voters can each get Php1,000 worth of UNIQLO gift certificate. There will be 4 finalists every week where the Cast's Choice and ultimate winner will be selected.

For the complete MECHANICS, just visit UNIQSTYLE Apps.

I joined the first week of this contest, where I wore an orange cardigan, white UT, hat and a belt. Though, sadly, I didn't make it to the top 4, I'm still had a great time because I had  a chance to showcase my talent in styling, which is actually a first to me! I had a lot of friends who admired my style, so I guess I'll just settle for that muna. Hehe.

And even if I didn't win, I still receive a prize from them, and that it having my picture posted on the UNIQLO wall at SM North EDSA! Hahaha! This is also the first time that I have my picture displayed on a very public place, so yeah, that was kinda exciting! Hahah!

If you like to join on this contest, well, there's still the weeks 2, 3 and 4, so go, go, go!

Oh, btw, once you joined here, you photo's will be posted on those blocks that you can see on the photos above. And yes, guess who's photo is up there now? Hahaha!

Good luck to all the participants and congratulations in advance to UNIQLO! :-)
Happy styling!

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