Meet The Cojuangcos

If there's really one great benefits that blogging has given me, that's probably meeting a lot of different people! It's just so nice to know that by just simply sharing your thoughts, you meet new people and eventually became friends with them. Though not all became my friends, but it is still a pleasure to meet some people out there who's interest matches mine - really.

And last week, beyond my greatest expectations, I was invited to have dinner with one of the country's most elite family - The Cojuangcos. It was really a simple dinner, and it was just Mr. Jose 'Peping' Cojuangco and Mrs. Margarita 'Ting ting' Cojuangco who welcomed us to their house here in Makati City, but I must say that it was one of the most unforgettable dinner I've had in my life.

Well, of course, I do have in my mind the real reason why they invited bloggers like me to their house, but I made sure that before saying yes to this invitation, I wouldn't let this dinner cloud my criteria in choosing my bet for next year's election. Yes, people, Miss Ting Cojuangco also filed her candidacy as a senator of our country! ;-P

We arrived at their lavish house at around 6 in the evening, just in time for the dinner where we were invited. All along, since Cojuangcos are famous when it comes to lavishness and wealth, we'll be entering a castle like house, but instead their house here in Makati is more of a museum like, really. With Miss Ting's collection of amazing Filipino accessories, which came from different parts of the country and the South East Asia, I must say that I was more amazed than what I thought they were.

And believe it or not, I was even shocked when Miss Ting hold these pieces and explained each one of them! Yes, she still remembers every story that every piece holds. UNBELIEVABLE and yeah, very ADMIRABLE!

I have this huge love to our own products, so seeing these pieces that she owns made me envy her but at the same time pushes me to continue my dream - to see the whole country more! ;-)

After discussing those piece, everyone's attention was then turned to the hundreds of picture frames displayed in the room. I personally like homes with picture frames all over it, it made me feel welcomed and comfortable. They also give me this glimpse as to what kind of people lives in that house.

And in this Cojuangcos house, well, there's no doubt how loving each of them are. The hundreds of pictures all over the room say it all. And it just so nice to see all of them there smiling and making our stay more comfortable as it is.

Miss Ting was so photogenic, I must add. She looks so pretty in her younger years. She also shared to us that night how she adored Filipino painters - their creativity, their love for work and their undeniable talents, and she was very honored to have some of their works. That's why we, bloggers, didn't also miss the chance to be photographed with them. Wee!


After this photo session, our "chikahan" continued at the dining table, where these sumptuous dishes were prepared. If I'm not mistaken, no one's really aware how Miss Ting is so "chikadora", so that night was actually filled with laughter and revelations - revelations that made me wish to be one of the Cojuangcos too! CHAR! Hahahaha!

But kidding aside, I was really wowed by how Miss Ting is so into Filipino stuff. We usually hear rich people loving Prada, LV and sorts, but with Miss Ting, I am humbled by the fact that she's into these local stuff. And I really think that these things are more expensive that those signatured bags, because these items don't just hold story, but rather lives of our beloved natives, of our culture and heritage.

Time flew so fast, I would want to stay more and ask Miss Ting more questions regarding her passions and her children's love for horses and food - which I adore too, but it's really getting late, and I know that Miss Ting was kinda tired too already - biruin mo naman 15 kaming nagtatanong sa kanya! Hahaha! But seriously, I really hope that I can interview her more. I find her interesting to talk to. And also I want to meet Mikee and China - I'm a fan of them, you know! Hehe.

Thank you Miss Ting and Mr. Peping for this wonderful dinner!
Sure, this is gonna be on my top most unforgettable list.

Good luck and I hope til next time! :-)

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