Jericho Rosales Sharing More Love With Latest Album Korona

I'm a HUGE Jericho Rosales fan, so I'm honestly saying that I love everything about this guy. And and if there's one unknown thing that I love about this man, that is his ability to repackage himself without trying so hard. That's why when he shifted his career from acting to singing back then, I know that we're not just about to hear some good sounds but we'll see what's inside this mysterious man's heart. And on his latest album entitled Korona, Jericho is about to share his love in all forms in the most heart-warming way possible.

After having a band called Jeans, Jericho Rosales now takes the spotlight on his own through the release of his solo album Koron. A 9-track album composed of seven all-original alternative OPM songs, one revival and the last one is a duet, where he sung with OPM singer Julianne, Korona is what's latest about my all-time favorite leading man in Philippine TV.

I was invited to see his presscon in Quezon City last week - an invitation I would never ever turn down. I don't usually attend these kind of stuff, mainly because I have a day job to deal with, but since we're talking about Jericho Rosales here, well, that's a different story.

The moment Echo find his spot on the seats provided for him, media men immediately asked him the story behind the album title. He humbly explained to us that the word came actually from the photographer who took the pictures for this album, Xander Angeles. It was Xander who suggested to have the album titled Korona since the form created after a drop of water or rain hit the floor creates this crown-like figure, which is a symbol of greatness. Jericho said that is a perfect image fit for the whole concept of the album. 

According to Echo, having this album titled Korona signifies something like giving back or bringing all the glory back to our God - something that made say "Aaaaaw." He is indeed a different man now, a better one. 

Anyways, as the presscon continues, Echo told us that his new album also carries Freddie Aguilar's "Kamusta Ka Aking Mahal," a song that somehow inspires him in many ways. Kamusta Ka Aking Mahal goes along with Jericho's top hits like "Makita Kang Muli," "Pusong Ligaw," "Bumuhos Man ang Ulan" and "Dahil sa Pag-ibig," which has been the theme song of his last TV project.

Echo added that working with new producers, arrangers and singers motivated him to perform well, hence the album's carrier single entitled "Paboritong Tag-Ulan," he interpreted this rainy song in a different, lighter and and friendlier way, just like how he deals with these new people and things he meets and receives in life. He said that after the rains and floods that devastated many lives and properties in or country, we can't blame our fellows to hate the rain. But with the creation of this new song, he is hoping that he can make our fellows to love the rain again and just keep striving in life.

The media men asked him if he is ready for his solo concert if ever, and the humble singer-actor injected that he'll be delighted to perform in a much bigger crowd honestly.  He's even willing to co-produce it if and only if he's give a chance.

But the one answer that melted our hearts that afternoon was when he was asked if there's a song in the the album that he could use for his wedding, what would it be and would it fit to Kim Jones, who is his current girlfriend.

The sweet guy blushed first before answering, "No, the song for her haven't been written yet," and then he winks. 

So sweet! I so love him! Hahahaha! I wish I am Kim Jones! Hahaha! Just kidding!. ^_^

Jericho Rosales' Korona album is available in all record bars nationwide for only Php199.00. You can also download the digital tracks at For more information about Korona, you can also visit Star Record's Facebook fanpage or you can follow the on Twitter.

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