It's More Fun to Spend Sundays at Legaspi Sunday Market!

If you are not doing anything this coming Sunday, well, pick up you butt on those couches and enjoy some leisure walk in Makati City, preferably in Legaspi Park. Who knows, you might enjoy it like me when I visited that park for their Legaspi Sunday Market!

Legaspi Sunday Market has been serving its guests with astonishing delicacies and arts and crafts for years now, and this year, they are making it big by adding more fun and activities that can be enjoy by eager shoppers who can't wait to get a hold of those wonderful food and items.

On my visit there last Sunday, I was with my balik-bayan friend who was looking for some interesting Filipino souvenir items that she can bring back to the Middle East. We were not really expecting something that extravagant from this place, but upon stepping in the vicinity, we were greeted by a lot of amazing colors that came from a lot of the attractive items that were on sale.

I'm a huge - HUGE - Filipino arts and crafts fanatico, so when I saw these items, I honestly can't help but to go gaga!

The price varies of course on the item that you choose, but if you have some "haggling" talent like me, well, you can get them at a very reasonable price. There were a lot of unique and cute items that were really eye-catchers, so make sure that your pocket is ready for some early Sunday morning shopping craze.

I saw these resin rings that cost Php500.00 each. Too price-y, I know, but when I learned that that husband-and-wife who owns the stall made it themselves, and the resins used were imported, I guess, the price was quite fair. If you are like an Anne Curtis kikay, you would certain buy one of these beauties.

For more accessory-lovin', there's this stall that sells elegant-looking bracelets. When we got to their stall, that was around 2 p.m. already, they are giving us good discounts, so if I were you, stay til the stores are about to close, sellers are nicer by that time! Hahaha!

Then, there's also these nice customized katsa bags, which are perfect for laptops and netbooks too! I honestly liked it, so I'm probably going back there this Sunday to finally buy this one. (Kulang pera ko last Sunday! Hahaha).

Home decors can also be found here, like these colorfully woven banigs and chests.

But one things that really made me curious, were these hand-crafted eggs for keeps.They are more like an Easter egg but more lavish and really, really stunning.

They are made by Decorio Eggs, which is an Filipino company. These eggs are design elegantly and carries such themes perfect for Easter, Christmas and even Independence Day! So cute, right? Price range from Php230.00 per piece to Php250.00, depending on the design.

And for some fashion-lovin, I saw these leather slipper and bracelets, which gave me this Western appeal. Tiger Lily look made by Pinoy - I LIKE!

If you got tired, like what happened to us after checking everything out, well, Legaspi Sunday Market became popular because of the fantastic line of food stalls that are all ready to give you that tummy-filling dishes, so yeah, we indulge to some fresh juices and huge burgers that day. But I'll you more about this part on my food blog - Lafanggero! Hahaha!

I just wanna a little from you guys, if you'll be eating here, once you finish everything, kindly throw your garbage in the trash can, in respect to the other guests. ^_^

For now, ask you family and friends to tag along with you this Sunday at Legaspi Snday Market. If I'm not mistaken, they'll be having this Adobo Cooking Contest.

Legaspi Sunday Market is open from 7 in the morning til 2 in the afternoon.

See you all there! :-)

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