Grand Riviera Suites: The New Mirror of Manila's Golden Sunset

Manila - the heart of this beautiful country - symbol of freedom, of richness, of grandeur. And no matter how many people - local or international tourists - say bad things about my beloved city, no one can bring it down because here in Manila, we have this golden sunset that symbolizes the love of God - a love that says tomorrow is a better day.

Last Saturday, I was invited to check out this up and coming grand high-rise residential and commercial condominium in Roxas, Boulevard, Manila - a condominium that by just saying its name, you'll already say wow - The Grand Riviera Suites.

Situated right in front of the historic Manila Bay, Grand Riviera Suites is standing right beside its sister  high-rise residential and commercial condominium 1322 Golden Empire Tower - another grand building crafted by Moldex Realty Inc. along Roxas Boulevard that offers the best Manila view you could ever wish for.

But before I tell you what we did there, let me share to you first these stunning rooms that will eventually fill the grand building of Grand Riviera Suites. These are the model units for the Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom, Commercial rooms - rooms turned lovely homes that will make every family, every individual happy.


One Bedroom

Two Bedrooms

Three Bedrooms

Grand Riviera Suites promises not just good rooms but good homes - homes that are perfect for those who enjoy being alone or homes for those who are just starting to have a family. With 2,081.20 sqm land area, 1215 residential units, 9 commercial units and 199 parking slots, one can  definitely find home in these Modern Contemporary styled place, which is just perfect for this kind of city.

Going back to 1322 Golden Empire Tower, the reason why we were actually brought here was to somehow experience how it feels like living in this side of the metro or what would it be like living in Grand Riviera Suites once it opens. And I must say, for 29 years that I've been living here in Manila,  this is just the first time that I truly witnessed the magic that Manila has. At first, I can't believe that I'm witnessing it all, but gosh, this experience made me realize how beautiful Manila City is and how I so love it.

Some people thought that life here in Manila is chaotic, well, not really. If you work hard and able to live in a place like 1322 Golden Empire Tower or Grand Riviera Suites - apart from having a peaceful, secure and stunning lovely home, there's also that Manila freebie and that is none other than that golden Manila Bay sunset, which is made to give you that relaxing end of the day.

Admit it, there are a lot of beautiful places, but only here in Manila that you could see something as beautiful as this... And I mean it!

So, if you need more information on Grand Riviera Suites and other Moldex properties, you can call 254-0980, 09178639473 or visit

Visit Manila and fall in love with it over and over and over again!
It's more fun to live in Manila!


Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Dyan pala kuha ang picture na yan! :D I miss the Manila Bay sunset. T_T

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Haha! Nabuking! Kaya di ako makasagot kung saang hotel, kasi hindi siya hotel. ^_^

docgelo said...

Congratulations, Alex!
Merry Christmas! Enjoy your ipad2 :)