SM San Lazaro's 3-Day Sale!

As the Chinese community celebrates the delicious Moon Cake Festival, here at SM San Lazaro, aside from the exciting treats to our fellow Chinese-Filipino, they are also having the annual 3-Day Sale, which gives up to 70% discount on selected items!

Today, I was able to visit this mall again to do my monthly supermarket chores, and with excitement embraces me the moment I saw the welcoming band at the entrance, I began my "me" time by exploring the other parts of the mall first.

It is so nice to know that this mall that is really close to our home here in Tondo has finally evolved into this very convenient and relaxing spot. For those who have kids, I'm sure the whole family can enjoy the World of Fun that is now open at the north part, lower ground floor of SM San Lazaro.

From the exciting games to its cool prizes, one will surely have a world of fun in this spot. Most especially now that they have this Dine & Play promo with SM Foodcourt that gives 5 free tokens for every Php150.00 food purchase (single receipt).

I know how arcade can be sooooo tiring, I experienced that a while ago, so if you wanna have something that has a wide selection of dishes to fill those empty stomach, well, there's no doubt that SM Foodcourt is the best place for your cravings.

From my all-time favorite Binalot, to the newly added Kusina ni Gracia, which serves delicious Filipino dishes, to Kuya's Lumpia that offers this special and healthy veggie lumpia, to Buko ni Frutas that takes fresh fruit desserts to a different and more delicious level, sure, there's always something for everyone at a very affordable price.

And since its Sale Season, SM San Lazaro Foodcourt didn't want to be left behind in giving some special treats.  So this weekend, they are offering Crave & Save promo, which give every Php400.00 food-purchase-single- receipt holder a chance to get Php150.00 gift certificate from Mister Donut. Then, there's also the Dine & Get Free Studio Shots for those who have Php300.00 worth of food purchase (single receipt).

For other options, if you wanna dine in a semi-kind of private area, well, there's the newly opened Razon's of Guagua that is a sure winner when it comes to hot-plate dishes and desserts, like the ultimate crowd favorite Halu-halo.

This store is a newbie here in SM San Lazaro, so, yeah, don't forget to drop by! You'll never regret having their offerings.

Before I finally hit the Supermarket, I went first to the upper ground floor to see what's at stake for me when I shop here at SM San Lazaro. Well, displayed there are just these three cool and superb Yamaha Mio Fino motorcyles! :-)

I also saw more people playing the dice game there, as part of SM San Lazaro's Moon Cake Festival treat. I believe that for every minimum Php1000.00 purchase from SM Supermarket, shoppers can play the game. Winners can take home some exciting stuff and gift certificates. Though, this games only up from 12:00 noon til 2 in the afternoon, then at 5:00 p.m. til 7:00 p.m.

Shopping on this kind of sale can be really tiresome, so, I suggest that on your way out of the mall, don't forget to grab some healthy swirlies from Tutti Frutti, which is now located at the upper ground floor, in front of National Bookstore.

So, what are you waiting for? You all still have Sunday to seize the exciting promos and offerings on this SM San San Lazaro 3-Day Sale!

Happy shopping, everyone!

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