One "Complete" Morning with Mikael Daez

Have you seen the latest Centrum TV commercial? The one with this cute moreno guy in blue shirt, flashing his uber sexy jaw line and killer smile? Well, he was first introduced in Marian Rivera's show Amaya, and now, he's one of the leads of GMA show Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga. Boys, girls, baklas and tomboys, here's my one "complete" day with Mikael Daez.

Recently named as an ambassador of peace by the "I am for Peace" campaign of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPPA), and Cosmo Magazine's 2012 Hunk, I was lucky to spend a morning with Mikael together with his manager and the one and only hot mama writer of Manila Bulletin, Miss Maan Pamaran. *wink*

Hailing from Ateneo De Manila University, this Blue Eagle hunk started as an hot item on the runway of Philippine Fashion Week. But come 2011, Mikael stepped up his game as he started taking TV roles given to him by his mother network, GMA. He already stared in almost 5 shows in GMA, and also in 1 movie where he played a lead role alongside Marian Rivera, Heart Evangelista, Rufa Mae Quinto, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff and John Lapus.

On this bright sunny morning, I managed to know this lad a little bit more and somehow get impressed as to how he keeps himself disciplined, achieving his goal and dreams as a youth model and as an actor, as well as to handle himself in such a non-discriminating manner that I thought I'd feel during this day.

Going back, unknown to most of us, this hunk doesn't follow any strict diet to keep himself in this tiptop shape. And as the saying goes, you only leave once, Mikael shared to us that he manged to be in good physique despite of eating the food that he wants by doing it in a balance way.

"Controlling is the key," he said, "and of course, aside from eating, one should take vitamins in order to have all the nutrients that our body needs." No wonder this international trusted vitamin brand picked him as their latest endorser. 

Back in college, Mikael told us that he loves playing basketball, but since he is into business major, he usually spent time dealing with math problems, waaaaay different from the world - artsy world - he's living in right now.

After college, Mikael amazed fashionistas and showrunners as he stepped into the light of Philippine Fashion Week. Gathering attention unexpectedly, Mikael scored an offer of having a regular show on GMA, which paved his way to the acting world.

I've seen him a lot times on PFW shows and I honestly thought he is one of those really serious, snobbish models. and on this day, when the conversation among us gets more comfortable and comical, the Mikael that was loved by his fans outshone and shared that soft spot in him that I myself find so cute, so kaka-inlove! Haha! 

During the interview with Miss Maan, I actually wanna butt in to say how his voice sounded so nice, but since I'm so "kilig" deep in side, I just stared at him and enjoyed that nice sound. Hehe.

But kidding aside, I seriously think that if he's given a chance to sing, he'll do well and will sound just nice and lovely. I know you can even notice that on the commercial above, right?

When asked on how he managed to keep his muscles toned, he said that since he has a very hectic schedule now, which doesn't permit him to go on playing basketball like he used to do before, he just spent some crunch time in the gym.

Mikael mentioned that he's more active now, and keeping everything intact and in balance is what's keeping him always on-the-go. And with that, he completed our day by saying "I think that a healthy body and a healthy mind go together. Take Centrum everyday!"

Oh, it was such a fun day! This was like I won on a free date contest with him! Only no food but more of the talking. Hahaha! So kaka-kilig! Hahaha!

You can also check out Miss Maan's article here -

Good luck on your future endeavors, Mikael!
I know that you'll go a long, long way! Just keep the positive and balance attitude! :-)

Thanks, Miss Maan and Sir Keren Pascual!
To healthy living and beyond!

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