Marriott Hotel Manila Cooking With a Heart

I've been covering events for Marriot Hotel Manila for years and believe it or not, it was just last week when I learned that they things like this - a gathering that not only shares their bountifulness but also melts other people's heart once they get involved with it. So yeah, my heart was melted when I joined the fun and excitement of their annual Mariott Hotel Cooking with a Heart.

Twenty international chefs, 200 pupils, one school - that's what we had that morning at Timoteo Paez Elementary School in Pasay City. With almost 7 kiddie dishes steaming and ready to serve, Marriott Manila held their Corporate Social Responsibility, which is also known as Spirit to Serve.

In cooperation with Philippine National Red Cross and the City of Pasay, 200 pupils from Grades 2 and 3 feasted on the delicious party meals that the 20 international Marriott chefs cooked up for this Cooking with a Heart project.

But before these cute and active little kids enjoy the meals that their about to partake, they were then entertained first by one of their cute and so talented classmate who shared his rendition of American Idol's songs "What About Now?"

Soooooo cute, right? According to his teachers, he is on second grade now. Let's make him famous! Hahaha!

Right after that, some little fun games took place where some of the kids got to win cool toys from the staff of Marriott Hotel Manila. I think, there were about fives games first before the most anticipated part comes next.

Through the guidance of Philippine National Red Cross volunteers, we had one nice line and distribution of food that morning. The whole court was divided into four parts where kids lined up and each one of them received a plateful of lunch that they enjoyed. 

Some went back for round two, which delighted the volunteers chefs! :-)

And since we're dealing with kids here, right after they served all the kids, each one of them took extra effort in talking to the kids, mingling and just simply enjoying the moment.

I barely see things like this in my life, so I'm seriously saying that my heart was melted by the care and love that overflowed that morning. It was a bliss of fun - feels like Christmas already, really.

It was really good to know that a very successful and high-end hotel like Marriott Hotel cares for the community that surrounds it, and by that, I'm loving this hotel even more.

After filling their tummies, Marriott Hotel Manila didn't let the kids went home with empty hands too. Bags of school supplies were also distributed among these pupils, which can help them and inspire them in their studies.

Thank you Marriot Hotel, for sharing such a wonderful morning like this to me!
It's my pleasure to be there every time you'll be having things like this!

Keep sharing the love! God bless us all more! :-)

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Kudos to Marriott Hotel Manila! :)