Kung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill and Seafood Island: Three Reasons to Visit SM Manila

SM Manila holds a very dear place to my heart, to be honest. This place has been a witness to my hardship back in college, that's why going back here to see how the place evolves now, is somehow a fulfilling feeling to me. Fellows, here are three reason to visit (if you haven't been here) or re-visit (if haven't been here for a long time, like me) SM ManilaKung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill and Blackbeard's Seafood Island.

Last September 16, as the Chinese calendar marks the end of Ghost Month, three new spectacular and amazing themed-restaurants opened their doors to give SM Manila patrons a tummy-filling Manila City experience that would make them crave again and again.

Started at exactly 10 in the morning, the celebration for these three newly opened stores started with a blessing that made everyone feel sanctified and in harmony on that Sunday morning. From Tokyo Grill, to Kung Fu Kitchen to Blackbeard's Seafood Island, the facilitating priest happily blessed the three stores as well as the guests, staff and owners Marvin Agustin and Raymund Magdaluyo.

After that, a grand parade went around the whole mall together with the beauties of Mutya ng Pilipinas, who added more beauty to this morning.

For foodies like me, since we were invited as guests, we were asked to take a deep breath first because we were about to dive into the amazing offerings that these three restaurants have to offer.

And it all started at Tokyo Grill.

Carefully and creatively designed to fill Manileños craving for Japanese cuisine, Tokyo Grill is considered a baby from its mother restaurant Sumo Sam. Crafted to give that unique and mouthwatering Japanese dishes that have been favorite by many Pinoys, Tokyo Grill is now a perfect option for some Japanese indulgence because of its really affordable price.

Next, if you want something closer to your heart, well, here's Kung Fu Kitchen designed to give you that kicking Chinese flavor that will make you ask for more.

Giving that Chinese gangster vibe with inverted wok as their lamps, Kung Fu Kitchen surprisingly offers those soft and delicate-looking dishes that are so hard to resist. From their cute dimsums, colorful noodles and scrumptious seafood and meat meals, I'm honestly saying that I can't wait to come back here to indulge on that Patatim! One of the many Chinese dishes that I considered my favorite! Super yum, yum, yum and super cute, cute, cute!

It was at Kung Fu Kitchen where the highlight of this event happened that day, not only because we were serenaded by those great musicians but also some personalities came by to experience that amazing fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisines here at Kung Fu Kitchen.

 The last but not the least stopover for this day was the Blackbeard's Seafood Island.

Any Pinoy celebration wouldn't be complete without our very own dishes. And here at Blackbeard Seafood Island expect an ocean of group meals that are sure to hit the right spot of your hunger and at the same time save you some peso! :-)

They presented to us that day the restaurants pride, the Boodle Fest. A collection of the archipelago's best of the best, Blackbeard's Seafood Islands Boodle Fests are cooked to give that complete and truly splendid Philipine food experience all served on these neatly laid out banana leaves. Sixteen Boodle Fests to choose from, no mater how hungry you are, Blackbeard's Seafood Island assures their guests that they will not leave  the place parched from the wonderful flavors of our land!

So, if you are looking for nice place to test you food tripping strenth, Kung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill and Blackbeard's Seafood Island are all located at the 4th level of SM Manila.

You can read my detailed review on these three new and exciting restaurants at Lafanggero!
See you all there and happy eating!

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