Herbal Hair Treatment from Taylor Tyler Salon Paranaque

Are you having problems with you hair condition like I do? Are you having problems with your scalp that has gone through a lot of chemical treatments like I do? Or have you been suffering hair lost problem like I do? Well, guess what, last weekend I visited this newly opened salon down south of  the metropolis that is offering this all-natural hair treatment that is made by Singapore's Bee Choo Herbal Treatment brand -the name of the salon, Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon.

Peacefully and poshly located at the second level of Pergola Mall in Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque, Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon is the first and only spa and salon company in the country that offers this amazing and 100% chemical-free hair treatment. Owned and managed by husband and wife Johnny and Jocelyn Co, Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon just opened this August and is in full operation since then.

Upon entering, you'll be welcomed by their smiling staff and really pleasant ambiance of the whole salon. I find the whole place really spacious and well-designed, so it was easy for me to get comfortable with everyone and everything.

On the stand beside the receiving area, you will see the different Bee Choo products that they have in here. There's the Origin Purity Scalp Shampoo, Origin Purity Hair Repair Conditioner, Origin Ginger Lime Shampoo, Origin hair Tonic (Pro-R), Origin Herbal hair Tonic, Origin damaged Hair Rebuilder, Origin Treatment Spa Creme, Origin Crystal Serum, Active Hair Scalp Ampoule and  Restructuring Hair Ampoule.

As an opening treat, they are giving good discount of their products and services, which somehow excites me that day.

Of course, I still have doubts if these stuff will work on my hair problem, but when Miss Jocelyn explains to me thoroughly the wonders of Bee Choo products, as well as its origin, I managed to understand it all and keep my high hopes on this herbal treatment.

So, what, or rather who is Bee Choo? Taking effective home remedies to the next level, an enterprising woman from Singapore named Bee Choo has mastered an all-natural concoction meant to restore the hair’s natural beauty. 

Raw Herbal Ingredients

Opting for a more traditional approach to solve her hair problems, Bee Choo opted to rely on oriental herbal medicine to make her hair beautiful once more. Through a potent combination of all-natural herbs, she was able to bid her hair problems goodbye. Soon after, news about her “miracle” hair treatment spread through word of mouth and she eventually opened her first hair treatment center in Singapore. As business continued to boom, Bee Choo Herbal Treatment promptly branched out to neighboring Malaysia, then Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, and now, it’s finally in the Philippines.

The Treatment

Miss Jocelyn introduced me to one of their experts, Sir Gelo, who will perform the said herbal treatment onme.  

There's a consultation first before the actual treatment, which really calmed my nerves more. Since the first day that I noticed that I'm suffer this drastic hair fall, I'm really afraid to undergo any treatment that involves my losing crowning glory, but when Sir Gelo assured me that their treatments are really safe and all natural, okay, gooooooow!

My herbal hair treatment started with the Bee Choo Origin Ginger Oil. This relaxing oil is said to open the pores and will prep my scalp for the Bee Choo Hair Treatment itself. After some minutes of applying that ginger oil, the Bee Choo Origin Hair Spa was generously applied to my hair. The concoction of herbs created a relaxing scent similar to aromatic tea. It was like  mud-thick concoction that was kinda heavy to head, but it looked like one of those hair color mixture. They say that the customers should allot at least 1-and-a-half hour – especially those with longer, thicker hair, for them to maximize the benefits of the treatment. There are two options for this treatment - the one for those who wanna keep their hair all black and the one that has this tea leaf that discolors hair.

Bee Choo Origin Hair Spa

I don't see any problem with my black hair, so I opted the second one for my procedure.

Afterward 1 and a half hour, the Bee Choo Origin Hair Spa was washed off with the Origin Purity Scalp Shampoo and Origin Purity Repair Hair Conditioner, a minty mix of herbs that is said to provide much-needed nourishment to my hair while washing away excess oil and product buildup. Sir Gelo asked me if I want hot water to rinse my hair, but I say I don't really like hot water on my hair, so he just washed it with the cold one.

One thing that I really love about this procedure, even we're not yet done, the very light hands of the staff, were really relaxing. They work really fast and smooth, which doesn't bugged me at all.

The moment my hair is done from the washing, I immediately noticed the difference. Sir Gelo blew dry my hair for a bit to reveal the instant effects of Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment. And on the middle of hair drying, Miss Jocelyn asked me if I want to get a free hair styling from their amazing stylist. I guess my rugged hair is really disturbing them, and since it is free, I just said yeah, sure! :-)

And so, after some trimming, I instantaneously found my hair bouncier, shinier and much healthier. I honestly can’t help but touch it after. Miss Jocelyn said to me that the herbs will continue to nourish my hair for the next three days, actively protecting it from chemical treatments.

Before                                                         After

She told me that this treatment is available for men, women and kids with or without hair. And the best part is, this treatment is also good for pregnant women since there are really no chemicals on this solution.

For those whose hair just needs a “de-tox”, she added that with just one Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment, their hair will have a beautiful shine and much-needed volume. And it will keep looking good - feels softer and smoother - if they go for three more sessions. 

For older clients, the benefits of the Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment is said to go beyond those mentioned above. In fact, she added, Bee Choo's popularity abroad stemmed mostly from its ability to provide an effective solution to hair loss, with extreme cases needing only a year to be solved. The natural tint of the herbs also acts as an all-natural dye for those with white hair, of course, depending on the natural color of your hair, it can turn to a darker shade of brown to auburn after continuous treatments.

Miss Jocelyn ended her explanation by saying that the Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment is not meant as an alternative to rebonding treatments. It’s just a great way of ridding your hair of product buildup and other impurities caused by other products and treatments, which may have left your hair dry and unmanageable over the years.

She advised me to come by at least twice a month to fully recognize and notice the wonderful effects of Bee Choo products. I told her that I would really love to come again, but Paranaque is really too far for me. And on that note, she said to me to pout no more, because come November 20120 they'll be opening their next branch in SM Mall of Asia!


It's been two days since I've been to their salon now, and though my hair still have that volume and softness, my "kulotness" is really unmanageable. Hehehe. And as for the the hair loss, well, since I'm using Bee Choo's Origin Purity Scalp Shampoo and Origin Purity Hair Repair Conditioner now, the number of hair strands that I found on my hand every time I bathe lessens - which is a good sign, I guess. Though, one thing that I should tell you, until now, I can smell the aroma of the treatment on my hair, which is now more like the smell of coriander. LOL

I'm honestly happy with the service, for one, that I receive from this salon, and second, for the kind of treatment that their offer. Herbal and organic is really what's in nowadays, not only on the food and vitamins that we take but also on the beauty regimen that we apply to our bodies, and that includes our hair - our crown and glory!

Thank and see you again soon, Taylor Tyler Herbal Hair Spa and Salon! :-)

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