Philips CitiScape: Street-style Inspired Headphones

Bad news, my Ipod earphones gave up on me. And I've been just using it for 9 months! Ugh! And since I don't think that I'll buy another one of those poor-quality earphones, I think I'll go for something that's more fashionable and more affordable... I am going to get myself one a Philips CitiScape headphones.

They say inspiration comes from everything, in every form. Sometimes, it can come from across the globe - from the streets of New York, Tokyo or even Paris. And I think that's where these latest headphones from Philips got their inspiration - the Philips CitiScape headphones collection.

Comes in three different designs inspired by three world's most love cities, Philips brings New York, Tokyo and Paris closer to our hearts, ears and style.

A taste of the concrete jungle

If you’re inspired by urban adventures that only the concrete jungle of New York City can give, Philips promises that the Philips CitiScape Downtown headphones will allow you to experience NYC wherever you may be. The Downtown gives just the right touch of the smart-casual street style that New York is known for.

The Downtown comes in a sleek and sophisticated design that you can easily match with free-flowing dresses, jeans or even boots, making these headphones truly quite fashionable. And best of all, says Flameno, the audio quality of the Downtown is what makes it a must-have.

Finely tuned 40mm drivers deliver clear, natural and balanced sound. That kind of audio quality for its market is hard to top. A built-in microphone allows you to switch from your music to your phone calls easily, while its MusicSeal feature allows you to immerse yourself in the city’s sights while keeping the noise away from your music.

Similarly, the Philips CitiScape Uptown “packs a mean punch with high precision sound,” says Flameno, with memory foam cushions that assure a comfortable fit and long-time listening every time. The Uptown is also equipped with MusicSeal that lets you keep every beat of your music to yourself. Furthermore, the Uptown, inspired by classy and savvy urbanites, sports an anti-tangle cable and air-quilted headband.

Embrace the City of Love

From America to Europe, the CitiScape collection channels romance and chic Parisian fashion with the Philips CitiScape St. Germain. This set of headphones sets itself apart from the collection nicely as they are in-ear headphones inspired by Paris’ boho charm.

Flameno describes the St. Germain as “funky and elegant,” and explains that it is designed to give total comfort while producing soft and natural sound. The St. Germain may not come in full headband headphones form, but it still does a pretty good job of keeping the noise out with its noise isolating ear caps. Pair the St. Germain with casual summer boho outfits such as long loose skirts, crop tops and sassy sandals to represent what Paris is all about.

Hear the gentle beats of Japanese pop culture

Of course, Asian cities can never be bumped off the list of the most influential street cultures, and one of the best examples is Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun comes alive in the Philips CitiScape Shibuya, on-ear headphones that are lightweight, breathable, and inspired from Japanese pop culture. “You can strut in style with these headphones, while blocking out unwanted noise with its auto-fitting noise isolating cushions,” says Flameno.

Walk around wearing the Shibuya while expressing your own personal style, with vintage items, leather jackets, or if you’re feeling bold, dress up like a cosplayer to seal the deal.

With these fashionable yet high quality headphones, Philips is at the forefront of the headphone market as it continues to bring meaningful innovations to improve people’s lives. And I can't wait to have one of these!

I think, I'm going to get the Downtown, errr, the Uptown one... Okay, basta, I'll go for the New Yorker one. But I think that the Shibuya style looks preppy too! Ugh! Now, this is a good problem!

Anyways, still, I must have one, to enjoy my Ipod music again.

Happy shopping, happy styling, everyone!

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