Cebuana Lhuillier's 25th Year Anniversary at the Big Dome!

Filled with shining and shimmering Pinoy trinkets, the Big Dome was also packed with thousand of loyal customers and fanatics as the country's leading pawnshop, Cebuana Lhuillier, celebrates its silver year with the country's leading performers a.k.a. The Champions at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum last Tuesday.

Hosted by the funny hosts Shalala and Tess Bomb, the concert dubbed as "Pistang Cebuana" was opened by the winning band of Eat Bulaga's Banda Rito, Banda Roon contest. Tagging along were the "higantes" of Rizal Province that added that fiesta concept.

But before the main highlight of the night started, since Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop wanna give thanks to their faithful and ever supportive customer, they gave out first some exciting cash prizes and 24K Cebuana Cards to some of the lucky chosen contestants.

The game proper took awhile and build a great excitement to everyone. But the excitement didn't die, because the moment, the first performer was introduced, almost everyone was on their feet to see the world-class performance of the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo.

I'm a huge fan of Sarah, so by the time she appeared on the stage with that Rajo Laurel outfit, I made sure that I get a good shot of her. :-) Of course, to share to all of you.

From there, the excitement and fun builds up as Sarah introduced the next performer, the Pop Heartthrob Mark Bautista.

Oh, seeing those two on one stage reminded me of my old job, something that really made me smile more that night. It was my pleasure to work with these two professionals back then - something that I'll never forget.

After Mark, one of my favorite balladeers of this generation made the female crowd go wild as the Prince of Pop Erik Santos rendered his famous songs such as This is the Moment.

Erik also did a number with Mark and Sarah that gave a hair-raising interpretation of Freddie Aguilar's Anak. I've seen them before performed that song on TV, but seeing them doing that right in front of you was really, really different. I had goosebumps before the song is getting into my soul. Bravo!

Right after that, Erik continued her solo act, and when his time is done, he happily introduced his fellow champion, Rachelle Ann Go.

Compared to the two performers, Rachelle Ann did a hot sing and dance number that pumped up the beat in the Big Dome. With her very fabulous sexy outfit and G-Force really stunning dance moves, everyone was wowed by how Shin (her nickname) performed.

But the best is yet to come when Sarah returned to the stage to do a duet with her. And I must say it was one of the best performances of the night. Aegis hits sung by two of the country's young and best singers - FABULOUS!

Everyone took a breather as Cebuana Lhuillier adds more generosity in the air as they awarded their 2.5 millionth customer with Php25,000.00. 

Cynthia Tiangko, a mom and wife of an OFW, received this gift of thanks from the bosses of Cebuana Lhuillier led by Ambassador Philippe Lhuillier. It was really a tear-jerking moment, thankfully, I was astonished by that another Rajo Laurel gown worn by Sarah that help me controlled my emotions. Hahaha!

Honestly, Mr. Rajo Laurel, I super duper love that gown! So BONGGA!

Right after the awarding, the crowd went wilder and crazier as Sarah Geronimo's rumored suitor, Gerald Anderson, came to the center stage dancing the hypnotic song Teach Me How to Doggie. I was able to record it, so help your self!

After that, Sarah appeared again on the stage, carrying a suit, which she put on Gerald. The wooing got louder as the two sung their movie theme song "Won't Last a Day Without You."

Gerald, who too shy that night, thought that his number is done after that song, but when Sarah asked her to come back, which made the crowd more "kilig", Gerald was forced to sing another song with Sarah. And this time they sung "Tonight" with all of their voice together.

I'm a Kimerald fan, but seeing Sasa and Gege there made me "kilig" too, so yeah, I'm a Sasa and Gege fan now! Hahaha!

Gerald sealed her moment on the show with a kiss on the cheek of Sarah. So, yeah, imagine me recording all of these while seeing them doing that just a few feet away from me. Hahaha! I'm such a fan! LOL.

Erik, Mark, Anya Aguilar and Rachelle Ann returned on the stage to do a final OPM novel song medley. I personally love these champions doing these medley. I love how their wonderful voices create an enzyme to my mind that makes me happy. I just wish that Christian Bautista was also there, so we can all finally see "The Champions" again. I so miss watching them on ASAP. :-)

Sarah Geronimo officially closed the show with an OPM hit that marked the great addition of Cebuana Lhuillier to the life of Filipinos.

More pictures here:

Congratulations and thank you, Cebuana Lhuillier!
May you have and The Champions" more years of greatness!


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