Beat Dry Mouth with Biotene!

Most of us would think that once you have a dry mouth, is just either you lack liquid in your body or a cough  is on its way to your throat, but in the recent talk that I had with the Biotene team (not the superhero show) of GlaxoSmithKlein, having a dry mouth might be symptom of more serious medical conditions.

Unknown to many, dry mouth has been linked to complications such as cancer and severe dental infections. A common cause of tooth decay and gum problems, it is now considered one of the serious yet neglected symptoms in our country now.

Most people treat dry mouth as a minor discomfort, but in a study that the Biotene gathered, it reveals that the estimated 2.6 million Filipinos who suffer from dry mouth may be suffering from a deleterious effects on oral health. Aside from contributing to the formation of rampant dental caries leading to more serious dental infections, oral desiccation can also cause mouth sores on denture-wearing patients.

Dryness of the mouth is a result of a decreased or minimal flow of saliva, a natural bacteria inhibitor. Symptoms of dry mouth include frequent thirst, sore in the mouth or cracked lips, dry feeling in the throat, dry tongue, and problems in speaking or difficulties in tasting, chewing, and swallowing.  For people with dry mouth, doctors recommend drinking plenty of water; lessening intake of coffee, tea, and alcohol; avoiding food that are spicy and high in sugar; and using an anti-bacterial oral rinse to restore that mouth’s moisture and kill bacteria.

And according to Dr. Jay Hansel I. Tabije of the Department of Dental Medicine at St. Jude Hospital, the more serious symptoms affecting oral health as a result of dry mouth are halitosis, dental caries, dental infections and gum disease.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care
General Manager Vikash Prasad

GlaxoSmithKline Group Product Manager Gio Robles

So, to avoid further complications of having a dry mouth, doctors also highly recommend the regular use of dental hygiene products such as Biotene. A global brand that has a wide range of oral care products created specially to effectively fight dry mouth, you can choose from the moisturizing gel, mouth spray and even gums to help you moisturize and lubricate dry mouth, supplement some of saliva’s proteins and enzymes, and stimulate saliva to help clean and lubricate the mouth.

Minor it may seem, who would've thought that dry mouth poses serious dangers to one’s health too? So, let's all live a healthy life, and if you are suffering dry mouth, you better treat it right and fast!


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