Project Runway Philippines Season 3 Finale - Cheetah

Everyone's heart stops beating the moment Cheetah Rivera's collection entitled "The Chase" conquering the runway of Project Runway Philippines Season 3. It was like we were brought to New York to see a very unique and dramatic showcase of superb talent, and with every detail on her collection, I must say that this is gonna be hard to beat.

Growing up in Manila where there's a clear view of mix cultures and interests, Cheetah came up with a final collection depicting the life in safari. With embellishment that are really stunning and attention-grabber, each of her pieces showed couture elegance and style that is worth the attention of the whole world.

I'm honestly speechless the moment Cheetah's first piece showed up on the runway. The craftsmanship and the workmanship were really incredible good as if I'm seeing an Alexander McQueen collection in the flesh. I find hard to pick which one is my favorite since every single piece is really stunning and unbelievable achieved. IT WAS ONE GREAT SHOW That I would love to see again and again.

Judges Rajo Laurel and Apples Aberin were also proud of what Cheetah has brought to the show. Tweetie De Leon was also wowed by Cheetah's collection, which gave a high standard to the show and quoting the guest judges, what Cheetah showed was really a McQueen .

And if you'd ask me, since I love all the drama and the color palette of safari, I really, really love Cheetah's collection. We barely see something like this in our country and it only takes one brave heart and creative mind to pull up something like this. So, for me, Cheetah really deserves to be the Runway Royalty they are looking for. I'm so proud of you!

Congratulations, Cheetah! Congratulations, Project Runway Philippines!
  *Photos by Ike Gube and JR Rafallo courtesy of ETC Channel.

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