Project Runway Philippines Season 3 Finale - Nel Claveria

It is the, so far, the best season finale I've seen from Project Runway Philippines. And it is so far the most intense and most exciting fashion show I've seen in my life, that's why I'm here sharing to you guys the pictures that our friends from ETC Channel have sent to me. Let's relive once again the season finale of Project Runway Philippines Season 3!

The show was opened with Nel Claveria's creations - a collection he called The Bubbles. 

His clothes depicting frozen bubbles or sea foam showed the best side of Nel's showcasing his craftsmanship in creating something elegant out of nothing - in this case, the plastic bottles. 

If we will remember, Nel was praised by the judges Rajo Laurel and Apples Aberin for his astonishing design using plastic bottles. And now, as he followed the judges suggestions to make it as his own, Nel takes it to a higher level making it more elegant and truly world-class.

Congratulations, Nel! Congratulations, Project Runway Philippines!

*Photos by Ike Gube courtesy of ETC Channel.

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