Orange Magazine TV Celebrates 2nd Year with Bryan Termulo

It was a real treat for me and to my fellow bloggers when we were invited to the 2nd anniversary party of at Moomba Bar In Quezon City last July 12. With more than a dozen of us who got to enjoy the amazing food and ambiance that was prepared for us, the night was made sweeter and really memorable when  Orange Magazine TV's cover guy Bryan Termulo started serenading us.

As the fun and quirky month of July slid in, Orange Magazine TV promises bolder and wider range of topics that we could enjoy from their website time to time. From music, TV shows, movies, food and events, expects the continues flow of information from Orange Mazgazine TV that are to be the juiciest and interesting topics that you could find.

And by that, they started their juiciest month of July by bringing in one of the hottest balladeer in town, Bryan Termulo! Whoopee!

For those who haven't known yet, this 24-year-old lad from Bulacan is the man behind the voice in ABS-CBN's hit teleserye "Walang Hanggan", which stars Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa.

Walang Hanggan's theme song "Dadalhin", which is an original of Regine Velasquez, was revived by Bryan Termulo, giving it a subtle yet very endearing appeal perfect for the show. And together with the success of the show, Bryan garnered awards and recognition such as gold and platinum awards for his hit single making him one of the most in-demand singer nowadays.

And that night at Moomba, Bryan shared his best hits with us, and together with the accommodating group of Orange Magazine TV and Pinoy Mag, who is also a huge part of this program too, we had one hell of a sweet night!

OPM rocks!

Jeman Villanueva, editor of Orange Magazine TV, also made the night more exciting by raffling off some sweet gifts. No one left empty-handed, really. :-)

I, being one of the luckier attendees, took home a nice DVD player, which I can use on my movie-viewing pleasure! So, I'm really thankful for this night. Nyahahaha! Aside from that, I got a chance to talk to Bryan, who humbly appreciated our presence that night. 

From the Middle Child, I would like to congratulate the team of Orange Magazine TV, headed by its editor Jeman Villanueva! Keep it up, guys! You've been a great addition to this country's blogsphere, and I'm personally happy that I'm being a part of the team from time to time. So, yeah, thank you! :-)

And as for Bryan, keep it up cutie-pie! I can't wait for more wonderful teleserye hits from you! :-)
Keep rocking OPM! You really deserve all the recognition you'be been getting! :-)


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Emily Page said...

A lovely event it must have been. I can only imagine from the way you related it on your blog. This Bryan actually has a great voice. It's soothing.