Must-Check Out: FnH's Dare Me to Denim

It is just today that I saw Enrique Gil's set of pictures for the Dare Me to Denim campaign of Folded and Hung. After those Angelina Jolie-sque photos of Anne Curtis that flooded on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago, I'm expecting the same thing with these oozing-with-sexiness pictures of the Dougie Master Enrique Gil.

Ann Curtis pictures were really remarkable. The sharpness and depth of each photo gave this really summer-y and rustic feel that I really love. You see, I'm into photography too, so seeing beautiful pictures like these really inspire me.

Anyway, going back to the denims, even though I'm not really a fan of denim tops, I find these Folded and Hung denim tops for girls really sexy. The way Ann Curtis carries each piece shows how lax and easy to wear these pieces are. It gave that "astig" look while keeping that feminine aspect intact.

As for the demin pants, well, I'm a HUGE Folded and Hung denim pants fan. Ever since I bought a pair, Fold and Hung has been my one-stop shop for denim pants.

The way they fit - specially on my but - are really sexy! Plus, they are so light too, making my life for fun and carefree!  And since I'm on this "updating my wardrobe" mode, I'm definitely going to check out these new items.  And also get a glimpse on those really nice poster of Anne and Enrique! Haha!

Btw, I stole these pictures from Folded and Hung Facebook Page, so yeah, thank you! :-)
I hope that there are colored pictures of Enrique too. :-)

Happy shopping, everyone!

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