Marriott Hotel Manila opens July with Flavors of Asia

Foodistas, this is something you shouldn't miss! Because as we all welcome the month of July, Mariott Hotel Manila opened this month with mouth-watering offerings that will surely hit the Asian spot on you! It's time to indulge in Asian cuisines as we savor that homey tastes the Flavors of Asia.

After two years of their successful Thai Food Fest, this luxury hotel that's been gaining a lot of attention since its opened its doors in the country is about to take the flavoring to a greater heights as they present the best Asian cuisines that we could all enjoy. From Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, Marriott Cafe tantalizes everyone with a masterpiece through a month-long celebration of Oriental flavors that’s uniquely Marriott. 

Many will agree that one of the best ways to experience Asia is through its food - historic, flavorful, and vast. Especially for the Southeast Asian region that boasts a multi-cultural and hard-hitting influence with the way we enjoy cooking and eating. That's why last week, they officially put the fires up and presented their tables filled with delectable Asian dishes that we can have when we visit their Marriott Cafe.

Chef Phan Tien Hoa, Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay,
Chef Ruhizad Muri and Chef Dadang Wahyudi

Expect delectable and exciting flavors from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Chef Ruhizad Muri, JW Marriott Jakarta’s Chef Dadang Wahyudi, Renaissance Riverside Saigon Chef Phan Tien Hoa, and JW Marriott Bangkok Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay as they presents only the authentic and palate-tickling adventure that you could get in Flavors of Asia.

Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay who trail blazed the first two consecutive most-talked about Thai Food Fest at Marriott Café, would still gonna be here at Flavors of Asia with his outstanding Thai dishes. This year, Chef Thanathorn makes the selections more lavish and worth discovering with his new menu line up such as deep fried sea bass with chili sauce, sautéed squid with pineapple and cucumber, beef balls cooked with typical Malay sauce, and braised beef spiced with turmeric and coconut. 

JW Marriott Bangkok Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay

Chef Ruhizad Muri gives foodies a taste of Malaysia with his noteworthy nyonya cuisine, a signature Penang-type of cooking that blends spices from roots (galangal, turmeric, and ginger); leaves (pandan, lime, and laksa); fruit (lemon, tamarind, and green mangoes); together with other ingredients like shrimp paste and chilies. Imbibed from Thai cooking style, Chef Ruhizad puts an interesting twist with the time-honored wok dishes of Malaysia. His section also invites everyone to get creative with blue crab, shrimps, dilis fish, beef tenderloin, chicken, clams, barbeque chicken, steamed fish, assorted vegetables peppered with Malaysian spices. 

Renaissance Riverside Saigon Chef Phan Tien Hoa

Another Southeast Asian cuisine that deserves to be in the limelight is Indonesian. Popular for their satay which shows Asians’ love affair for grilled meats, Chef Dadang Wahyudi makes skewers tastier and more appetizing with these selections: chicken, shrimps, calamari, beef, goat, pork and fish in assorted marinations! Another must-try is the bebek betutu klung klung, an all-spiced up Balinese dish enhanced by a host of pungent roots, herbs, and seasoning. Both locals and visitors are just so psyched about this heavenly roasted duck recipe that it’s considered a dish specially reserved for big banquets and ceremonies. 

JW Marriott Jakarta’s Chef Dadang Wahyudi

Most travelers would agree that a Vietnam trip is never complete without tasting a steamy and flavorful bowl of pho. Chef Phan Thien Hoa is here to feature a delicious play on Ho Chi Minh's broth, rice noodles, meat, herbs and spices. Another delicacy that Vietnam is famous for is the Vietnamese spring rolls - soft rice wrappers filled with choicest meats and vegetables such as shrimps, tofu, chicken, and beef. Enjoy it fresh and slow at this special section which will make you feel the charming street-food style eating in Vietnam. 

And with the Philippines long coast line, it’s a crime to miss out our very owns seafood choices. Your meal will never be complete without the tiger prawns, steamed lobster on ice, marinated marina clam and curacha crab which are all highly regarded for its freshness, standout taste and quality. So make sure this cold section a part of your eating plan.

Lastly, since Southeast Asian is big on creamy goodness of coconut milk, whether it’s for glutinous rice or fruits, Flavors of Asia also presents a mix of sweet, savory, hot and cold last hurrah for a really good meal. Among the sweet desserts that you could try in here are pandan crepes rolled with caramelize coconut, stewed green bean with palm sugar, banana in sweet coconut, pandan leave jelly.

All these wonderful offerings are available for only Php2300.00 net from Sunday to Thursday and Php2500.00 net for Friday and Saturday. Get to enjoy a charming Asian dinner that assures an enjoyable age-old tradition of bonding through a delicious mix of aromatic, spicy, rich, sweet, and hot Flavors of Asia.    

And as for those who wanna learn how to cook some of those dishes.  Marriott Manila offers special cooking class for only Php1500.00 net inclusive of a hearty lunch. For July 9, it's gonna be Thai with Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay; on July 16, it's gonna be  Malaysian with Chef Ruhizad Muri, on July 23, it's gonna be  Vietnamese with Chef Phan Thien Hoa; and on July 30, it's gonna be Indonesian with Chef Dadang Wahyudi.

For more inquiries on those special cooking classes or reservations Marriott Café for this grand and exciting Flavors of Asia, you can call them at (02) 988-9999.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let's the eating begins! Happy July, happy Flavors of Asia!

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