It's the Great Northern Sale, Baby!

If Friday the 13th means bad luck to some, well, not to the shopaholics of this metropolis, because with SM North EDSA's Great Northern Sale, there's only one thing you should worry about - YOUR POCKET! Bwahahahahaha!

Early morning last day, as the clock ticked to 11, I already found myself elbow-to-elbow with people who are cramming to avail the additional discounts that this mall gives to all SM Advantage Card (SMAC) holders. And me, being a happy and contented SMAC holder, I didn't miss the chance either to receive such generous offer while enjoying the convenience of shopping here in SM North EDSA.

I must admit, with these SM malls all over town, there are times that you'll just go to the nearest one in your home. BUT of course, there are these special places that really make you feel at home - in my case, that's SM North EDSA. In my childhood years til now, it is a real joy for me to visit this place. With all of its stunning spectacles that you could enjoy, I mean, how could you not love this mall, right?

And now, as I visit it again to do some shopping craze, the homey feel is still there, and with its the great discount offering, Great Northern Sale is just in its perfect timing.

Going to a jam-packed mall needs some strategic planning. And since I know for sure that you don't wanna spend long hours falling in line to the cashier, put in mind some of the things that will give you convenience while shopping at SM Mall - the SM Advantage Card or the SM Privilege Card.

My plan yesterday was pretty easy, actually. See what's in store for me first, check out where the there are less-customer corners, lastly, shop your heart out.


Since its Friday, and I still have to run back to the office, I spent some sweet 30 minutes going around the SM Department Store first. Great Northern Sale is a mall-wide sale, but the real happening is actually here inside the Department Store, so pay attention to my blog. Hehe.

I went and check out the first level where men's and teen's clothes are located. Stationery, beauty products and multimedia stuff are also located here. So if you already have an idea what to buy, well, make sure that you know where to go. I know what I need to buy, that's why after checking out the first level, I went up to the second floor where accessories are located, as well as men's and ladies shoes and bags are.

The reason why I'm really here is because I need to buy a gift for my niece. Her 8th birthday is coming up next week, and I think I know what she just wanted. :-) A lot of the items are marked with 10% to 50% off, so it was really fun to shop here!

As I went through the second level, I already found what I'm looking for. But curiosity kicked in and brought me the last floor up. I saw a lot of cutie things that are perfect for young girls on this floor. There are bags, apparel and shoes, which looks really good on any young girls. There were also some nice looking toys that are perfect for young boys to play at - so the third was basically the heaven store for kids like us. Hehe. I spent linger time in here because with all the sale tag, this place is really hard to leave! Hahaha!

But of course, the real craze in this Great Northern Sale wasn't on those floors. Just like in any SM Malls, where there's this 3-day sale, shoppers really go to this pace where discounts are really felt by the pockets - the Furniture and Appliance Center at the basement level!

The time I got there, the number of people buying different things was so huge, but despite of the big number of people, I find everything in order, which is a really plus point for this mall! The staff were all pleasing and accommodating and the lines to  the cashiers were all organized and neat! Such a sweet sight, really!

After doing all of those searching and checking, its time for me to do the most exciting part - SHOPPING!

I was able to score a 20% discount on this pretty, pretty pink raincoat that my niece is asking me to buy for her on her birthday. She's going to be 8 in a few days, and girls at her age are really into Barbie, so I was really glad that SM has this label!

I also found this Php99.00 VCD, which stars Panchito and Dolphy. And since I'm in to this "pay a tribute to the King of Comedy" mood, and admit, it was really that affordable, I also bought it for myself. Dolphy is really a big loss to the industry, but let's just be happy for him. We know that he's in heaven now, and I guess he'd be happy to know that despite of his death, he still makes people laugh through his classic comedy movies.

I'm honestly not expecting to find this one, but I'm glad that I get hold of it, so I didn't let it slipped anymore. Thanks, SM, I know that you love the King of Comedy too! :-)

I still would want to buy more, but since I'm really on a budget yesterday - money and time - I just said to myself that I'll just go back if I'll get some extra cash and time the following day. Anyway, this Great Northern Sale is up til Sunday, July 15th, so nothing to really worry, right? I just hope that the money 'm waiting for would come before this crazy sale ends, because...

...those bags and shoes are really pretty!!! And look, they are on 10% and 50% off!! Waaah!
I hope someone out there with a good heart is hearing my heart beating while looking at this things! Hahaha!

Happy shopping, everyone! Happy Great Northern Sale! :-)

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