Furniture & Homeware Sale at SM North EDSA

After what I've witnesses at the Great Northern Sale, where hundreds of shopaholics ransacked the Furniture and Homeware section of SM North EDSA, I guess the fun and joy doesn't stop there! Because with  this two-week sale of amazing and stunning furniture and homewares, someone's pocket will be empty this July 27 to August 12, 2012!

From their freshly stocked section, expect grandeur and great discounted furniture and homewares that you can avail for this sale season. And a while ago, while I'm too excited to see what's in store for us, I checked out the Our Home site and found these stunning pieces that are perfect for small places - like our home. :-)

One of the many things I learned about design a place - living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen - when you have small place like ours, choose lighter shades of color like powder blue, baby pink, melon orange, or in this white. It will make you home bigger and lighter.

I also learned that putting big piece will make your place too crowded, and since minimalist is what's "in" today, you better opt those things that looks simple and function.

Adding mirrors also make the room bigger, so if you are living in a house where there's no lazy kids, well, these beautiful mirrors that I saw at Our Home site might be a great choice for you. :-)

As for me, I'm actually scouting for a new bed, and I saw one that's just perfect for my room and for my taste. I just don't know how much it is, so I might go and check it out this Furniture and Houseware Sale. :-)

As a bonus to all shoppers, every weekend, starting today, there will be a scheduled seminar and talks at the Interior Zone, featuring young and professional interior designers. 

It's a good idea to seek some tips from professional first before emptying your pocket, and we're juts in luck that SM North EDSA prepared these all for us!

Believe it or not, in just a few months, Holiday season is here. So, if you don't wanna be stuck in a Holiday shopping craze, I'll take this chance and update your home furnishing.

See you all there! Happy shopping, everyone!

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That seminar sounds like a fantastic idea. I often have ideas on decorating and homewares but then lose my way half way through.