The Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star Cook-off Day 1

With greater power comes greater responsibility... No, I'm not here to quote Spider Man, I'm here to present to you what happened on the first day of the cook-off  between the 14 Kitchen Stars of Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star!

It was an exciting day, to begin with, with all 14 Kitchen Stars present at Cash 'n Carry earlier today, where the cook-off took place, the 14 blogger-partners were also presented to the public - including me! :-)

I'm not really use to this kind of presentation, but heck, I'm there. Hehe. So those who saw me, you should have said hi. Hahaha!

Anyways, for this Day 1 of Cook-off Challenge, the 14 Kitchen Stars were divided then to 4 groups with 3 cooks per batch. Well, the last groups was composed of 2 cooks only since they are only 14. Heheh. My chef-partner Mariela Salcedo was lucky to be on the first batch of chefs who will prepare their dish for this leg.

The assigned dish to her was a Vietnamese dish. They were given a week to do the research on it and try cooking some of them, for them to know which dish twill they'll be preparing to be qualified on this elimination round.

The aspiring chefs were given 30 minutes to cook their dish. Us, blog-partners, were not really there to help them cook but to only assist them in terms of needs and cleaning and picture-taking too, which I find a little off, because I think these chef could have delivered better dishes with our "real" assistance.

Anyways, after 30 minutes, Mariela was able to prepare a nice looking Vietnamese dish called Duong Mia Tom Xao Pho or Sugar Cane Shrimp in Stir-fry Rice Noodles

Duong Mia Tom Xao Pho

I honestly do not have any idea as to how the food tastes, because again, we are not allowed to touch anything in the kitchen unless we were told to take this or help them clean the utensils needed in their cooking.

After the first three chefs were all done cooking, Chef-Judges Bruce Lim, Rosebud Benitez, Jonathan Bautista and Good Housekeeping Food Editor Roselle Miranda sunk their fangs into the dishes to know its taste and give comment and score on it.

Sadly, the judges' comments on Mariela's dish was basically just okay. They gave some few reminders on the Sugar Cane Shrimp on how to make it better, and as for the Stir-fry Rice Noodles, well according to them was okay. OKAY!

Well, to be honest, after hearing what the judges said to all of the Kitchen Stars earlier, I am somehow thankful that w've just received the word "okay. But then, I'm honestly hoping that with those okays. Mariela could have made it to the top 6. She didn't received comments like "Parang panis" or "This is a crap", and her Vietnamese dish was according to them was somehow okay, so what happened? I was lost.

Well, bitterness aside, I'm still happy that those two young boys, Roki and JM made it to the top 6. Even if I'm not their blogger partner, I saw how they move, and I can say that they are really good at cooking. Young and energetic, so yeah, I can feel that its gonna be an exciting finale. Let's include Mommy Georgia to my top 3 list, whose Mindanao dish smelled soooo good, and according to the judges earlier, it tasted really well too! :-)

I just hope that tomorrow, on the finale day, the judges will be a little less harsh, especially Chef Bruce Lim. I know that his job as the leader judge is tough, but please, be a little kind. Come on, they are not as tough as the "real" chefs that you are dealing with everyday. Your choice of words earlier were very, very disheartening, and if I'm one of the audience who don't know him really well, I'll take it really hard and might make me decide to NOT compete on this competition next time - something I believe Electrolux doesn't want to happen. So, please, give these newbies a break! Hehe.

But kidding aside, Chef Bruce, please be kind tomorrow. :-)

I believe that there are better ways to look and sound tough, so I'm really hoping that you'll be very careful with the words that you'll throw on the contestants tomorrow. :-)

Roland, JM, Rigette, Rosarie, Lorenza and Georgia

Going back, the Top 6 of this Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star are Roland Ferrer (blogger-partner Enzo Luna), Georgia Shirar (blogger-partner JR Bustamante), JM Darlucio (blogger-partner Iris Pulga), Rigette Osoteo (blogger-partner Aylin Vedad), Lorenza Quintos (blogger-partner Carl valenzona) and Rosarie Penaflor (blogger-partner John Michael Bueno).

Top 6 with blogger-partners and judges

They are going head to head tomorrow at Cash 'n Carry Makati for the final cook-off challenge, and it will start at around 2 p.m. So if you wanna catch this exciting and drooling cooking finale of Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star, BE THERE!

Btw, you can still vote for Mariela Salcedo for her to bag, at least, the People's Choice Award. I hope you could help us by going to this link and clicking the LIKE BOX under her name.

I'm still proud of you girl! :-)

You could also win some nice cooking products from this cook-off, so make sure  that you indicate your name and contact details there. One of my friends already won, just so you know! :-)

Congratulations to the top 6 again! May the best cook wins! :-)
I'll be one of the blogger judges too, so better feed me something really nice, okay?
Promise, I'll be nice. Hahaha!

Happy cooking! :-)


Elmer Domingo said...

Ang ganda naman ng preparation ng foods :)

Elmer Domingo said...

Ganda naman ng preparation ng food. Ang sarap sa paningin :)