Philippine Fashion Week: Holiday 2012 - Raoul Ramirez

From Russia with Love - that's what I have in mind while watching the last installation of that night's show of Philippine Fashion Week. After three different collections form the country's three well-respected designers, here's comes Raoul Ramirez giving us a Russian escapade through his latest Holiday 2012 collection.

Raoul Ramirez

From the sophisticated posh ensembles that are mostly composed of long skirts and knee-high boots to lace-y evening gowns accented with pearl necklaces, Ramirez brought a different culture that is known for its astonishing fierce style - Russian.

One good thing that I really enjoyed was Ramirez also thought of matching men attire to those elegant women's pieces.

Anyway, Ramirez's show opened with this batch of bright-colored outfits that reminded me of the wonderful collection on Michael Cinco that debut him in the U.S of A.

The kind of fabric that was used in most of this garment is lace, and Ramirez matched it with some satin and leathers that gave the whole look that Russian feel.

As the drama on the runway unfolds, Ramirez showcased his craftsmanship by presenting a modern attack on the famous Russian look by adding black and brown colors with the used of shiny fabrics that gives a more sexy approach to woman curves. Fierce kung fierce!

He didn't also missed the holiday's favorite color - black - but in this collection, Ramirez obviously made sure that we just don't see ordinary black outfits. Through deep V, off-shoulders and see-throughs, Ramirez unfolded the story of his Russian with Love collection on a very dramatic way before reaching the peak of his story.

And he ended his show with this blinding but really, really, elegant batch of golden outfits that gave nothing but the best form of woman - Fashion Love!!!

Congratulations, Raoul Ramirez! It was nice seeing your collection at the end of this four-designer show! It was a real treat for me to see beautiful things! :-)

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