Philippine Fashion Week: Holiday 2012 - Chris Diaz

Mostly made of laces and velvet, Chris Diaz's share on this season of Philippine Fashion Week presented a classic take on this all-time favorite fabrics and pieces. With beaded accents that brought back that evening gown-ish feel that we used to see back in the 80's, Chris Diaz collection has been part of this Holiday 2012 show.

Chris Diaz

On this Holiday 2012 collection, Diaz payed around the deep colors of red, green and blue. The feminine side of his collection were mostly shown on the bead works that are present in most of the outfits. The shimmer that the velvet clothes also added some sort of impact to the old 80's feel.

I've seen Diaz's creations before, and I'm somehow clueless as to how he came up with this one. If you'd ask me, the  choice of colors were not that really good, since they reminded me of that 80's old outfits. And the style, they  were also common and some were outdated.

I don't wanna say this, but for me, these outfits are merely "pang sagala" outfits - something that I've seen before and from our friendly neighborhood Divisoria. (oh, shit, I'm harsh!) But seriously, the moment that most of these outfits were strut on the runway, I felt disappointed. This is not the Chris Diaz that I liked from teh previous Summer show.

I almost lost my drive of taking pictures, but thank God, there were still some light on his collection - outfits that I think with a little revision will do good.


It was on this show that I realized that indeed, in fashion, one day you're in, the next day you are out.

I'm sorry, Chris Diaz, but better luck next time. I'm not really impressed on this one.

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