Knowing Zoomanity more

Zoomanity Group theme parks has been in the business of fun and excitement for more than a decade now. Their astonishing and wonderful development of a simple theme park to a must-see destination in the country has been gaining popularity not only in our neighboring countries but also in the western part of the world. That's why when I was invited to check out how this amazing group of Yupangco Company chooses the brands that suit their needs - for their pets, tenants and locations, I immediately said yes. It's very unusual for a company to invite some friends to see how they do "the business", right?


Held at White Space in Makati City, more than a dozen of companies showcased their products led by Patirot Commando, a trusted brand on fire protection. From the fire protection gadgets to sanitizers - things that normal theme parks have are here for showcase and open for some business transactions.

Some of Zoomanity theme parks souvenir items were also made available on this one-day exhibit for guests to have a glimpse of how wonderful and exciting and colorful these attractions are now.

I've been to almost all of their theme parks now, and I honestly love how each of them is evolving and creating this unique experience that every guest would love to do again and again.

Here's a demo that was done during this product launch, which showcased how effective and easy Patriot Commando fire extinguisher can be used.

WARNING TO KIDS: Please do not try this at home!

During this synergy, the item that really caught my attention was the Noah's Ark. Derived from the famous ark that Noah built for the 40 days and 40 nights of rain, Paradizoo in Alfonso, Cavite is building this first-ever pet columbarium  in the land.

According to their staff, this Noah's Ark Columbarium will be situated right beside the first pet cemetery that Paradizoo has built. It will have 10 levels and can accommodate 3 urns per vault. Each vault includes a pet cremation service and a marble urn for a more formal resting place for you beloved pets.

Despite of me not being a pet-lover, I really think that having this Noah's Ark is a great idea. Showing love and respect to the dearly departed animals has really taken a notch higher.

The show ended with a presentation coming from the Residence Inn Tagaytay pool of talents as they presented their latest spectacle called Green Magic.

Zoomanity Group of Yupangco Group of Companies will really never get tired of bringing the best of bests when it comes to theme park advancement. And with this product launch, Zoomanity just proves that they do really care - for their pets, for their guests and for their employees.

Good job, guys! :-)

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