It's A-Gantea Time!

With hundreds of milk tea stores sprouting from one corner to another here in  the metro, who wouldn't go gaga over these delights? With its sweet and mild appeal to our palette, plus its good effect on our health, milk tea is indeed the "drink" of the year! But how do you really choose your milk tea? How sure are you that it's the best kind?

Last weekend, I was invited to witness the launch of the newest milk tea brand in town, A-Gantea. Located at the ground level of Greenbelt 2 in Makati City, A-Gantea takes pride of their selected tea leaves, which are from Taiwan’s Ali Mountain.

Large Signature Milk Tea (with black and white pearls) - Php85.00

The brand also uses fresh fruit in their fruit teas and their special milk teas use premium imported milk with white chewy tapioca pearls and black pearls that are softer and sweeter that provides a different experience in the mouth.

A-Gantea, with “A” means a happy disposition and “Gan” means sweet, is devoted in developing all kinds of specialty blended tea beverages to suit the taste of students, office workers and families.

Gong back to the launch....

The launch was held at the activity center of Greenbelt where hundreds of spectators come and enjoy the fun that the whole crew prepared for all of us. With radio DJ Grace Lee as the host of the whole show, she was joined from time to time by the online sensation and real-life couple Jam Sebastian and Paoline Michelle Liggayu a.k.a. JaMich. (I believe they are popular on Youtube and Twitter, so if you wanna follow them here's their link @ilovejamich)

As for the fun part, since A-Gantea is very generous that night, aside from the free drinks that were distributed to all who were there, fun games also took place with some members of Philippine Azkals and Philippine Volcanoes joining the fun.

It was my first to see these guys to be that wacky, and in all fairness, they are all good sport! Haha! And funny! :-)

A-gantea Chairman Vincent Ho was also present that night and very delighted as to how Filipinos welcome this Taiwanese brand. With his interpreter translating what he is saying, as far as I can remember I believe he said that it is his pleasure to present this new brand of milk tea to Philippine market. He can't wait to hear what everyone will say about their teas and can't wait to create more refreshing and thirst-quenching flavor for the picky Filipino palette. :-)

A-gantea Chairman Vincent Ho

He led the launch "toss" together with the Philippine management who will be facilitating the brand here. It was one exciting night with high hopes of bringing another great flavor to our choices of milk tea brands.

With A-gantea's official ambassadors
Tea-Bo and Tea-La

If you prefer your milk tea not that sweet and still have that "tea sting", well I guess, you should really try this new brand! With five types to choose from, Bubble Milk Tea, Pearl Fruit Tea, Hawaiian Fruit Tea, QQ Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea, I'm sure that you'll get more gaga over milk teas! Hahaha!

I'll be posting my review of their milk tea on my food blog Lafanggero, so stay tune! :-)
More photos here.

I love milk teas! Thank God for these! :-)
Welcome to the Philippines, A-gantea! :-)


Elmer Domingo said...

Hmmmm... masarap ba talaga yan? :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

It's good and quite affordable as compared with other milk teas in town. :-)