Otter Box: Keeping Your Gadgets Protected

A few days back, I was invited to check out this happening at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati where people are going gaga over this gadget protector that was said to give a maximum protection. And though I was quite pessimistic about it, I checked it out and see the Tenki Box Concepts' Drop Test Tour.

Drop Test Tour is an event spearheaded by Tenki Box Concept for the brand OtterBox. OtterBox is an international brand that is made to give maximum protection to our smart phones and tablets. Classified into four categories, OtterBox has Impact Series, which is basically a rubber protection for your gadgets, Commuter Series, which offers a safe and commuter-friendly style and features, Defender Series, which is great for stylish people, and lastly the Reflex Series, which is also stylish but for a different purpose.

When I got there at Rockwell, I was welcomed by these two ladies tossing their iPhones up in the air, worrying nothing at all. It was that time that I started feeling sweat from my palms. I wouldn't dare such thing to my gadgets, because first, I worked hard to have them, and second, I know that my gadgets wouldn't stand such test.

But when the team of Tenki Box and OtterBox explained how OtterBox differs from the other brands, I was somehow convinced to join the fun - throwing our gadgets up in the air and letting it drop.

That day, all of the OtterBox items were on 15% off, which is a great treat for everyone!

One item that really caught my attention, and that is this blue Reflex Series iPod case. You see, I've been changing my iPod case from time to time because most of them don't really look good when time passes by. It's color and style are really nice, so without a doubt I took it and put it on my iPod.

After that, all of the attendees who bought their OtterBox items were asked to join the group of people who will be  dropping their gadgets. It was that time that my sweaty palms started working again. This is a very hard thing for me to do, but heck, I joined them to see if this OtterBox can work its wonders on my gadget.

I really recorded our Drop Test Session for you to see how Otterbox works. :-) Have you seen where my iPod went? That was a very tragic drop, if you'll ask me. But hey, my iPod is still alive!!! Bwahaha!

The Tenki Box and Otter Box Team weren't satisfied with their first drop, so they dropped their gadgets again, see it on this video.

Present at this Drop Test Tour are Tenki Box Concpets President Jay Tengco, Otterbox Business Development Head for Asia Pacific, Josh Richardson, whom by the way loves out country's climate, Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner-slash-dedicated mother and Lorraine Lapus, the champion surfer.

Tenki Box Concepts is the main distributor of Otter Box, which has stores in D Mall, Boracay; Paseo Marina, Ayala, Cebu City, Cebu; Stoked, Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna; San Fernando and Clarkfield, Pampangga; and almost at every mall in Metro Manila.

Watch out as Tenki Box and OtterBox visited the nearest mall to you. I believe that they'll be visiting few more provinces in the country for everyone to see and experience the maximum protection that OtterBox can give t our gagdgets.

Now, there's no reason for me to control the fun and enjoyment in life. With OtterBox, I'm sure my gadget will always be protected! Thank you OtterBox and Tenkie Box!

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