Lego Philippines presents Star Wars

Last week, I was invited to attend Jenni Epperson's book launch at SM The Block, but since I came too early, I had some leisure time to walk around the mall and see some latest stuff there. To my surprise, while walking to the event's venue, I saw that there's an exhibit happening featuring Star Wars!

I'm not really a huge fan of Star Wars, but if a saw an exhibit that features them with one of my favorite toys in the whole wide world, LEGO, I make sure that I'm there to see them and take a glimpse of them! Yebah!

And last Saturday was no exception.

But before I show you what this exhibit holds, let me show to you first some extra features that you can see before going inside that room. Along the aisle, you'll see some great pieces made my our fellow Filipino LEGO fans. Most of them are actually inspired by air crafts and battle ships that we can see on cartoons. 

There was also this Ewoks-inspired Lego diorama that I find really cute! I'm not sure if they showcased this because there's this Wako-Wako show on ABS-CBN, which I think resembles to Ewoks so much. :-)

Anyway, upon entering the main exhibit venue, I was wowed by how big the exhibit was. Though, I must say that it was quiet smaller than the previous exhibits of Lego Philippines, but taking the fact that they are just featuring Star Wars here, this is already a huge treat to all Star Wars fans.

It was divided into six or seven parts I think, displaying different scenes of this world-famous epic space opera film.

I honestly didn't know that Lego has gone this far now, and seeing those little Jedi knights, R2D2, Yodas, and others, made me feel like a child again.

I can't help but to look closely at them and appreciate all the hardship that the makers of this exhibit had gone through just to make everything Lego-tastic!

It was so amazing that I spent roughly 20 minutes inside that room looking at all of those creations. I even leaned very close to the fiberglass cover just to peek inside those office-room like Lego setup and it was really great!

As for my personal favorite? These very cute (and I wanna have them, really) white Darth Vader armies. It was really amazing! With the blue light and the all-white motif on this part, I know that when you visit this exhibit, you'll love it too!

So, if you have some spare time, feel free to visit this Lego Star Wars exhibit at SM The Block. I'm just not really sure til when it'll  gonna be there, so if I were you I'll visit this mall like later! Haha!

Congratulations and thank you again, SM North EDSA, SM The Block and Lego Philippines!
You guys never fail to amaze us! Keep up the good work! :-)

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