The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention

A sea of costume-wearing humanoids welcomed the guests of Robinson's Place Manila last Saturday as it holds once again the annual costume-playing event in the country, The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention.

I've been attending cosplay conventions for quite sometime now. And even though, I'm not that really familiar with all the characters that the participants are wearing, my love for costume design was sufficed every time I attend this kind of event.

The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention was attended by more than a hundred cosplayers, coming from  the different parts of the metropolis. From the famous the Japanese anime to some of our favorite Hollywood cartoon characters, they all converged here and made a delightful and colorful afternoon to everyone.

I had a great time taking pictures of every interesting character that I've seen that day. Special thank to the sponsors who never get tired of having an event like this, including our friends from Eurotel, whom informed me about this event. Thank guys! 


It also made me happy to see young kids now joining this convention. Of course, with the guidance of their parents, they've made the whole gathering cuter and really joyful.

But there is one that that I've noticed, and I know you are looking for those too... Where have all the hunky/sexy and really cutie cosplayers have gone? 

I'm not saying that the cosplayers here are not that good looking, it's just that I miss those cosplayers before who at one glance will make you feel that you are looking at the real character. Hehe!

In terms of costume, which is the primary thing on this kind of conventions, I must say that there were really a lot of wonderful costumes, but of course, what is the sole purpose of the costume if the the person who is wearing it can't play the character he/she is wearing, right?

I just hope that the cutie cosplayers will make a comeback next time. Hehe.

More pictures here.

Anyways, congratulations to Philippine Cosplay Convention!
Keep it rocking you guys!


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Philippines Wedding Information said...

Great pictures !! I love alodia gosengfiao in cosplay ..

cosplay costume said...

exciting,exciting......I eager to take part in, but I have to work that day. How pity I feel

Park Hyun Won said...

good day po pahiram po ng 2 pix nyo po for our 1st ever cosplay event dito sa LA UNION salamat po..