3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition - China and The Netherlands

It's the night for the defending champion to showcase their latest creation, and with millions of spectators from different walks of life flock to SM Mall of Asia last Saturday night, China and The Netherlands painted the sky of Manila Bay for the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

This is by fay the most brilliant presentation I've seen from this batch. I caught myself in awe for a lot of times because the ideas were plainly brilliant.

China, the defending champion, made a unique and memorable impact as they launch a different kind of pyromusical presentation. Last Saturday, with the wonderful choice f music, China shared an authentic Chinese fable that mystified everyone.

I was mystified. I didn't saw it coming, and I'm honestly saying that the other countries will be having a hard time stealing the title for them.

Even the the echoes were in-sync with the whole drama. Super panalo talaga!

But if course, since I think, The Netherlands knew that they are sharing the night with the defending champion, they made sure that they'll give a good fight/show to everyone, and indeed, I was astounded by how The Netherlands created a large impact to crowd with their equally colorful presentation.

The second half of The Netherlands's show was really breathtaking. They gave it all out, and I believe the show left us all with an open mouth - it was that stunning!

After this show, I can't wait to see the last two remaining shows, which will be happening on the next two Saturdays of March. 

I'm sure it'll be as vibrant as this one, and with Philippines at the last leg, the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is the best fireworks competition in the country!

And even though the Philippines is not contending for this pyromusical competition, I can assure you that our country will make us proud. I saw their display last year, and it was AMAZING! :-)

Thank you, China and The Netherlands for making us so happy last Saturday!
I hope it's Saturday already to see Canada and Australia's creations! :-)

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