Big Thanks from Avida Land Corporation!

I was able to attend the first of the three series of Avida Land's Red Letter Day. And as fun and as exciting their projects are, this gratitude concert, which was held at Greenbelt 3 Park last February 10, was made more worthy than those of houses for this one was made lovelier too!

I was actually a little late when I arrived due to the deadly Makati traffic, but nonetheless, I was able to catch some of my favorite OPM artists starting with the one of the OPM bands that I really, really adore, True Faith!

Medwin never fails to entertain us. With his heart-warming voice to his grooves that really made us all smile, OPM wouldn't be complete with True Faith, right?

In line with the Valentine's Day and the recently launched Tunog Natin album, a compilation album from 16 OPM artists who shares the same goal - to promote OPM - Medwin, together with the rest of the performers that night, and of course, Avida Land Corporation, encourage everyone to also support the Tunog Natin album.

With 10 tracks. composed of 7 revivals and 3 original songs, they assured everyone they'll enjoy every track as if they were all new to everyone's ears again.

I already have a copy of that album, which costs Php250.00 only, and I must say that I JUST LOVE IT! All 10 tracks were stunningly beautiful!!

Well, going back to the concert, since it happened days before Valentine's Day, this also served as a pre-Valentine's Day treat of Avida Land to all the love birds out there. And so, they had Sheng Belmonte, Myrus, Princess Velasco and Kiss Jane that made the night sweeter and more remarkable.

Sheng Belmonte


Princess Velasco

Kiss Jane

The said performers showcased their  track from the Tunog Natin album, which gave one harmonious and lovely night to all who went there. I love Myrus and Princess' version of Kanlungan, and I will never get tired of hearing that song, promise!

Luckily, they sang it in front of us that night. And since their rendition felt really, really good to my ears, I just can't help but to say THANK YOU! Hehe!

During the event, there were also booths where guest families and friends can enjoy photo booth, video booth and Facebook booth. The Facebook booth allows guests to check out their Facebook account and visit the Avida Land's Facebook fan page.

By simply liking the fan page, guests can automatically get the latest news and offers from Avida Land.

So, to all the people behind this very nationalist and heart-warming concert-series, THANK YOU very much! May our world be filled with love, kindness and peace!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
And of course, mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

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