Aronamin Gold, the Multivitamins of the Younghusbands!

With Phil and James Younghusband's active lifestyle, many of us wonder how they cope up and still manage to balance their lives with showbiz, sports and personal stuff along the way? Well, last week, as they shared how they keep everything in balance and active, they also shared their latest endorsement, a multivitamins that will keep them more active and on the go - Aronamin Gold!

Happened at Shangri-La EDSA Hotel, the siblings James and Phil opened up their secrets in keeping active and in shape through all the challenges that they are facing. May it be in showbiz for Phil, studies for James or Philippine Azkals for both of them, these two in-demand and very popular athlete-heartthrobs summed to us that day how important to have a multivitamins that is packed with essential vitamins to keep them going.

Aronamin Gold is the first and only active-form B vitamins daily supplement for individuals on the go. Composed of Vitamins B1 and B2 that are fat soluble,  Aronamin Gold boosts metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins keeping you fit. It also helps your nervous system to be healthy, reducing depression, stress and brain shrinkage. Aronamin Gold is also packed with components that lowers homocysteine levels, and since this is "gold", it benefits 30% of adults ageing 50 years old who may have intestinal bacteria like Atrophic Gastritis.

Aside from its main components Vitamins B1 and B2, Aronamin Gold is also composed of Vitamin C that supports cardiovascualr syste, perfect for athletes like James and Phil, and Vitamin E that is potent antioxidant.

During the short Q & A that we had with James and Phil, they  imparted to us that with their busy schedule every single day, most of the time were sleepless night. With Aronamin Gold having all those components, it sure helps them keeping active despite of having an incomplete rest. They told us that waking up even as early as 6 in the morning for their practices isn't that really hard for them anymore and they still able to finish all the stuff that they need to do on that day.

So, if you wanna be like the Younghusbands, active, upbeat and full of energy everyday, Aronamin Gold is the supplement for you all. Aronamin Gold is now available at selected South Star and Metro Manila Mercury Drugstore branches.

Aronamin Gold is brought to us by Vizacarra Pharmacy.

Live healthy! Live happily!

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