FTX Gym Launches Trainer JR

FTX Fitness Exchange Gym keeps on buffing up as they introduced to us last week the newest addition to their list of renowned gym trainers that will not just keep you fit but will help you focus and achieve your goals. And that night, they introduced to us the country's top trainer, a trainer to the elites, if I may say, Trainer JR!

On this second installment of launching nights of FTX Fitness Exchange, everyone entered to the world of Asgard as the mighty Trainer JR surprised his guests in his Thor-like costume.

We were given mask to wear actually to feel the mystery behind the night's launch. And as everyone started wearing their masks, Trainer JR's booming voice echoed all over the place, talking like the mighty Thor, challenging his trainees to the task or gym exercise (the FTX way) that he will say. And with that, the program started.

I was clueless as to the flow of the program, actually, but when the trainees started climbing, running and spinning around as what the mighty trainer asked them to do, all of us had a great time watching and seeing as to how those exercises made them sweat so fast. Mighty Trainer JR called it the CIRQFIT, FTX Fitness Exchange Gym's signature weight lose exercise.

After the trainees, due to audience's clamor, Trainer JR showed off by doing all the exercise that he asked to his trainees to do, and in less than a minute, he managed to do everything that really wowed us all.

Trainer JR in action

Trainer JR also presented that night some other exciting and fun exercises that FTX Gym offers. And first on the list is the Muay Thai.

FTX Gym also offers Pole Dancing.

And would you believe that they have pole dancing for men too? Hihihi.

Aside from those, FTX also takes pride of the Flying Yoga, which is under Trainer Sola.

Then, the last one that really hyped us and put us to the groove, the '80s Dance Rave. Who doesn't enjoy dancing Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal and Rock With You? IT WAS SO FUN!

With their awesome DJ and  dancing lights, I know that anyone who spent time on these exercises will enjoy their time here!

So, if you area looking for some seriously fun gym, FTX might be the place for you! Well known personalities have already spending time getting fit here, so why don't you?

For more information, you can contact FTX Exchange Gym at www.gymftx.com or email them at info@gymftx.com or you can call (02) 822-3311 or 0916-2701177.

FTX Exchange Gym is located at the 2nd floor of Three Salcedo, Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

See you all there!


Elmer Domingo said...

Ang kulet ng mga exercises :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Their 80's Dancr Rave looks so fun though. :-)