Be Better: READ!

Nowadays, reading books is like a waste of time to most of the children. With the outpour of gadgets, that I myself find more interesting, who can blame them, right? But as someone who comes from an older generation, I believe that it’s our responsibility to teach them not just the right way but also the best way to learn. And that includes reading books.

In this world of high-tech technologies, reading is one of the basic skills that everyone should possess in order to survive in this cruel world. No matter how young nor old you are, it is important to keep in mind that learning is all about self-improvement no matter the age or the level, according to educational entrepreneurs, Jerry Vicente Catabijan and May Jovero-Catabijan of Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation

Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation has been in the publishing business for 47 years now. And with this life partners, who believes that it takes one dedication to be able to achieve this goal, having a good support system, a good guide, teacher or mentor can be a great tool in shaping up ones mind.

That's why Mr. Catabijan, a good key person for this kind of issues, has created website that will provide free articles on a variety of topics like teaching tips, book features, profiles on writers and other educators.

This website aims to help fellow teachers and writers to be great at their craft. Developed by a dedicated editorial team consisting of writers who are teachers themselves, will feature regular sections such as “Feed Your Need to Read” that presents a list of recommended books based on certain themes, “Shaping the Self-learner,” a series that aims to live up its name, and “Be Better Spotlight,” which has profiles on notable people in education.

These sections are said to be perfect for the young generation who are looking for inspiration to pursue their dreams to write or to become an educator.

“You can have all the fancy educational gimmicks and gadgets, the best books and even the most advanced facilities, but if your instructor is not competent and committed or more importantly, passionate, then you won’t learn as much as you should be”, says Mr. Catabijan. also prepared something for the teachers out there. There's “This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg,” that discusses certain issues about classroom issues that students and teachers may benefit.

“Be Better is not just a website – it’s a philosophy that my company lives by and the website is perhaps its most visible expression right now. And learning is an endless topic, so what you see now is just the start. We plan to grow the site and hopefully reach a wider audience," shares Mr. Catabijan.

Be Better has also a Facebook page (look for “Be Better” under “Education”) for quick reference and Q & A segment, so do follow them there.

Since learning is a step by step process, promises to be there as a strong support system for teachers and student alike in the coming days. Mr. Catabijan invites us all regardless of the the field we belong to, to check out and sign up for its regular newsletters that will help us shape the minds of our future generation.

Indeed, we can be better through reading!
Happy reading!

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ardee sean said...

i agree, books are still good form for learning..